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Hello everyone,

Our Sustainability Project Manager, Peter Brandom, has answered your questions about our charging stations.  :)


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Hi Erin,

I've tried to answer the question best I can.  In any case, please feel free to ask me further questions or give my name to others.

1. How much does a charging station cost? The units at Main Library are part of a federal grant; the City was allocated $2,500 per unit and covered any costs above that per unit cost. The Blink units are part of a large scale DOE grant to gauge charging behavior and other aspects related to EV's.

2. How often are they being used? I don't have hard data but can get it. We have noted a significant uptick in usage of City-owned units downtown during 2011 with the introduction of new EV's, most notably the Nissan Leaf.

3. Are there "peak times" that they're being used? It's important to note that 'fueling' with electricity is very different, since primary fueling happens at home, whereas with gasoline it happens away from home.  The units there are likely to be used to top off or supplement the home charging while folks are away from home, extending their range.  They also may be used by drivers visiting Hillsboro or passing by on Hwy 26, in need of extra charge.

4. Are there any safety/liability issues? There will be some getting used to chargers on sidewalks and in parking lots.  The charger cord is a tripping hazard.  The electricity is not a significant hazard since the units are UL listed and contain safety shut off devices.

5. Pros/cons with parking and this is not my job sort of things? There will probably be some issues that arise as more EV's are on the road.  On city right of way (ROW), we have the ability to adapt the parking restrictions in EV spaces to the demand for both EV and non-EV parking.  We have not seen problems along these lines.  Also, the EV community are working through these types of issues by necessity on their own.

6. Are the costs paid by the user or by tax dollars? Costs for installation of the units in City ROW have been paid by public entities; additional installations by the EV Project grant (DOE) are being done in private ROW.  Fueling is currently paid by taxpayer, though it is nominal, but charger owners will soon implement point of service payment so it will be on the user.

7. ...Or by a vendor (in a sort of gas station role) who pays a fee to the library? There is not fee paid to the Library or City generally.  There is a benefit to the host agency, attracting EV drivers to the site/area.

8. Does it work for non-car vehicles? If a vehicle is capable of L2 (240v) charging and has a J-1772 adaptor, it will work.  The City Coulomb units downtown are also capable of L1 (110) charging, which is useful for bicycles and other vehicles.

Thank you,


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