[Libs-Or] $2, 500 prizes for unique projects that foster a love of reading

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Hi!  I just learned of the following opportunity to get funding for reading projects. If you can't read/see the message below, go to: http://www.nationalbook.org/innovations_in_reading.html.

Questions? Contact the National Reading Foundation at 212-685-0261 or nationalbook at nationalbook.org<mailto:nationalbook at nationalbook.org>.

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From: National Book Foundation [nationalbook at nationalbook.org]
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To: Katie Anderson
Subject: 2012 Innovations in Reading Prize Application Available

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[Innovations In Reading 2012]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=mexrb7cab&et=1109096256276&s=6980&e=001oXJKi3TA2K4uvuMXAwjkKEx3mdByUxorInRMFNxVVmJ44haIQInS3AihqXNF4L9c2zquB_I_G09JHmxDDHb_E6ER_kInF8e5w1eYAqbwAy-xMD1VBmekIW9n5GnSQtZ1sYqjQhnAGgQxpJaS4Gk2tf2SIAJpBs9p>[innovations 2012 deadline]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=mexrb7cab&et=1109096256276&s=6980&e=001oXJKi3TA2K4uvuMXAwjkKEx3mdByUxorInRMFNxVVmJ44haIQInS3AihqXNF4L9c2zquB_I_G09JHmxDDHb_E6ER_kInF8e5w1eYAqbwAy-xMD1VBmekIW9n5GnSQtZ1sYqjQhnAGgQxpJaS4Gk2tf2SIAJpBs9p>

2012 Innovations in Reading Prize

Are you part of a school, library, museum, business, website, or other organization that is doing something truly unique and innovative to help foster a love of reading? Or do you know someone who is? If so, you might be a perfect candidate for our Innovations in Reading Prize! Here are just a few of the many reasons to apply:

  *   It's free! There's no entry fee.
  *   It's easy! Just fill out the application, write a short essay, and solicit one or two reference letters (depending on if you're self-nominating or nominating someone else) from people familiar with your work.
  *   You could win money! Winners receive $2,500 each to put toward their programs.
  *   We'll tell the world about you! We'll publicize your program via our website, press releases, eNewsletter, and Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  *   We'll fly you to New York City! As part of the Prize, winners receive an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to attend a special luncheon at the Ford Foundation, where they will present their work to funders and other people in the field, as well as the National Book Awards Ceremony and Benefit Dinner at Cipriani Wall Street.
  *   There's plenty of time! The postmark deadline for application materials is February 21, 2012.

To see a list of past Innovations in Reading Prize winners and to
download the 2012 application, please visit our website at www.nationalbook.org/innovations_in_reading.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=mexrb7cab&et=1109096256276&s=6980&e=001oXJKi3TA2K4uvuMXAwjkKEx3mdByUxorInRMFNxVVmJ44haIQInS3AihqXNF4L9c2zquB_I_G09JHmxDDHb_E6ER_kInF8e5w1eYAqbwAy-xMD1VBmekIW9n5GnSQtZ1sYqjQhnAGgQxpJaS4Gk2tf2SIAJpBs9p>.

Sponsored by a generous grant from
[Levenger Logo]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=mexrb7cab&et=1109096256276&s=6980&e=001oXJKi3TA2K5fCXLc2MJVofxvx-jfcaEHXJd6cSXNL3lgRCctSGCWHFsy0SAVk0fIX2NFonCJZShtHEShrRLNIRGn95SynJk6_G2rq3FmzbW_jf_eT1qySQ==>

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