[Libs-Or] Free Gaylord_type shelf parts

Jan Abeita Jan.Abeita at oit.edu
Thu Jul 19 16:24:38 PDT 2012

FREE Gaylord Shelving

The Oregon Tech Library in Klamath Falls, Oregon, has some 'fixed periodical shelves' to give away.  Interested parties are responsible for all freight and moving costs, and arrangements.  We would be able to pack them on pallets, but our campus facilities will charge us for this service, and we would need to be reimbursed for those costs as well.


*        135 fixed periodical shelves.

*        270 fixed periodical end brackets.

*        All necessary screws and nuts to assemble 135 shelves.

These shelves should fit any Gaylord, or Gaylord-type, library cantilever shelving on frames 36 inches wide and with shelves hanging on slots measuring 35.5 inches on center, slot to slot.  The end brackets fit slots on 6-inch centers top to bottom.  See attached PDF schematic.

These shelf-parts are expensive in the Gaylord catalog, so even paying the freight and moving costs is a bargain.  Go here<http://www.gaylord.com/adblock.asp?abid=2197&search_by=desc&search_for=steel%20shelving%20accessories&mpc=WW> to see Gaylord catalog for these.  These "Steel Shelving Accessories - Fixed Display Shelves" go for about $40.00 apiece in Gaylord.


Contact me if you would like more information, or are interested in having these.  We will only be making these available for a short while.  If there's no interest in them, then we will send to scrap yard.

Jan A. Abeita, M.S.
Library Access Services Manager
Circulation / Interlibrary Loans / Summit Borrowing
Oregon Institute of Technology / OIT #5

ph. 541.885.1778
fax 541.885.1784
email: jan.abeita at oit.edu<mailto:jan.abeita at oit.edu>
ILL email: ill at oit.edu<mailto:ill at oit.edu>

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3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601-8801

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