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I got a lot of wonderful suggestion - thank you, Liz, Jeremy, Alan,
Becky, and um - did I miss someone? - I think I did - apologies!!
Here's the list I've compiled so far - and feel free to send other
suggestions - I can update:
1) This local biz specializes in wedding invites, but would likely be
able to make a referral
Ovation Papers: they sell and work with small printers on lots of things
paper: http://www.oblationpapers.com/
2) Morel Ink:  www.morelink.biz  (formerly Witham & Dickey) which is
located in SE Portland.
3) myownlabels.com: http://www.myownlabels.com/bookplates
They have "bricks and mortar" (and 27 employees!!) in PDX:
4) And, only in Portland... Phantom Chicken!
Their "flatstock" gallery shows business cards, greeting cards, and much
more - I bet (but don't know for sure) that a bookplate would be
"do-able": http://phantomchicken.com/deploy/pcPortfolio11.html
5) There are some custom printing/design ads out on Craigslist - might
be worth a try. And, of course, the attorney could post their WISH to
Craigslist and likely have it come true!
6) Maybe someone at IPRC would have an idea? http://www.iprc.org/
7) I used a Martha Stewart template and VistaPrint and they turned out
beautifully. But supporting local printers is an admirable thing:
8) I would recommend contacting someone at the Em-Space letterpress
print collective in Portland. These are all talented local artists, who
do phenomenal work.
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