[Libs-Or] Post conference news

Rebecca ROTH rebeccar at multco.us
Mon Jul 30 16:59:45 PDT 2012

Hello all -
We are settling in from the flurry of activity around our conference
last week and there's a short "thank you" on our blog,
http://ola-ssd.blogspot.com/2012/07/thank-you.html, with a picture I
tried to take of *everybody*, but there's a much better write-up by
our opening session speaker and state librarian, Mary Kay Dahlgreen,
She gave us permission to skip sessions if we were talking! ...Er,
make that "networking", in case any of my supervisors are reading. :)

Our keynote speaker, Brian Doyle was well-received, and there's a
lovely comment to that effect here:

We are still looking for an archivist! It's a great way to get
involved in something new, while knowing that you have the safety of
very helpful (I'd even go as far as to say "support"ive (groan)) past
and present members.  Give it a shot!

Hostile library takeover of Walmart!  Wait, that seems backwards...

And finally, a drool-inducing trip to an estate sale from our illustrious Jey:

Do you have a story from our conference? Did something impress you and
you want to share it with the world?  What did you think of the
sessions you attended? We *love* guest posts and comments.  We like to
hear how we, and you, are doing!  I've written some guidelines if you
were interested in posting but afraid to ask how.
http://ola-ssd.blogspot.com/p/guest-posting.html. And, as always, you
can email me directly with any comments or questions.

rebeccar at multco.us

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