[Libs-Or] Pew Internet Releases Report "Libraries, ...."

Sarah Hood slhood26 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 16:06:38 PDT 2012

Thank you for forwarding that report. Very insightful! The statistics
regarding the general public's knowledge of e-book lending at their library
really gave me some food for thought:

It makes me wonder if perhaps public libraries might learn something from
the food packaging industry: Is there any way libraries can affix some
icon-like sticker inside the print version of a book letting the patron
know that title (or other similar books), are available in e-reader format,
much like the green check-mark icon that is used on food packaging to
denote a healthy-choice food.

That would be a great way to target those who are already using the
library, but what about those in the general public who are not? What might
be really interesting is to develop an app that mobile device users can
download that will tell if the Amazon (or Barnes & Noble, etc.) book/e-book
they’re getting ready to purchase is available (for free!) at their local
public library. Does such an app already exist? Anyone know?

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