[Libs-Or] Resolution on Voter Suppression in America

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 This important resolution was just passed by an extremely large majority
of the Council of the American Library Association:

     2011-2012 ALA CD#40
2012 ALA Annual Conference
Resolution on Voter Suppression in America
Whereas voting is an essential citizenship right;
Whereas past attempts to restrict voting have included poll taxes and
literacy tests;
Whereas the 2008 national elections were the most racially diverse in
American history,
helping to close the longstanding gap between whites and voters of color;
Whereas voter ID laws, restrictions on voter registration, purging of voter
rolls, and
cuts to early voting are the latest tactics for suppression of voting by
disenfranchised groups, including people of color, the elderly, students,
people with disabilities;
Whereas up to 11% of Americans lack government-issued IDs, and up to 7% lack
official documents proving their citizenship;
Whereas proponents of voter suppression laws have failed to show that voter
fraud is a
problem anywhere in the country, and that voter fraud is exceedingly rare;
Whereas voter suppression laws have been passed by 15 states, and are
pending in 5
more states (and passed but revoked in Maine); now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that the American Library Association (ALA):
1. opposes voter ID laws, restrictions on voter registration, cuts to early
voting, and
any other laws resulting in the restriction of lawful access to voting; and
2. encourages libraries and librarians to provide information to citizens
to mitigate
these restrictions should they remain in effect on Election Day.
Mover: Al Kagan, SRRT Councilor, 217-819-9975

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