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No offense taken.  After 20 years I'm used to living in a Portland-centric state.

Someday soon I'll pick a date, invite everyone to Milton-Freewater, and give a prize to the person who comes from the most-distant library.  Get out your road atlas or turn on your GPS, west-siders!

-Library Bob

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Please note: I did not mean to sound like all library directors come from the Portland area. I actually just heard from one in Springfield. Please forgive my moment of 'can't you all be where I am so we can visit and get together' p.o.v. If only I could solve the mysteries of the space/time continuum and provide you with a practical method of transporting your cells instantaneously, life would be grand. Alas (there's a lot of that going around). Please know that if you are anywhere near us, we'd like you to join us. If not, you could even start your own tradition of 'networking' over coffee. You could even use our fabulous and creative name-Director's Coffee. That's just the kind of people we are-sharers.


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Hi all:
It's that time again-when library directors get together for coffee and call it networking. Seriously, we all have taken some golden nuggets away from these get togethers, so I encourage you to join us if you can. Due to lack of imagination and time, we will be meeting once again in the same place. Here's the info you need:

Date: Friday, June 29th
Time: 8-10 a.m. (this is really more like 8'ish and you are free to come and go as your schedule or boredom level dictates)
Place: Coava Coffee Roasters 1300 Southeast Grand Avenue  Portland, OR 97214; (503) 894-8134

Abigail Elder, our revered and energetic leader, will not be able to make it due to her regrettable skewing of priorities. Alas. Please don't leave me alone and unpopular on what is sure to be a beautiful summer's day. At the very least, I can promise tasty coffee.

Hope to see you soon-Mo

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