[Libs-Or] PSU request

Ruth Murray murrayr at pdx.edu
Fri Jun 29 09:15:31 PDT 2012

Hello friends- I am teaching a class this summer called Directed Field
Experience. The purpose of the class is for my school library grad
students to experience and make connections in a public library. They
usually choose a library close to the school where they presently
teach and do a 60 hour practicum. Basically, I want them to shadow a
librarian or other library staff and learn about the different
libraries operate. They can also help with anything within the library
to assist. They are students who have already become licensed
librarians and are just finishing their Master's degree. We are
interested, particularly in the Portland area for their experience
since most of the students are from there this term. We have been
offering this class for many years and, from the feedback I receive
the experience is mutually beneficial and helps to forge great
connections between schools and public libraries. Please let me know
if you are willing to help us out and gain a highly qualified helper
for the summer. They need to start asap and require little supervision
on your part.

Ruth Murray
Portland State University GSE
Library Media Advisor/Instructor
503 725- 9860
Office- Education 310B
Hours- Tuesday and Thursday by appointment
PO Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207

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