[Libs-Or] Non-urgent question for Public Libraries re disposition of fines, etc.: Summary

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Hi all:
Thank you for many responses!
I'm glad to see not much has changed, though I've had to do a Car Guys
dope-slap since I forgot about the library districts, but then I'm in
the law library world, which has its own procedures and practices - and
1) It seems as though most libraries deposit fines, etc. with their
jurisdiction's general fund, which makes sense.
2) Library districts keep their fines, which also makes sense.
3) Last, patrons still express "disappointment" that their fines aren't
going to "buy new books," but that sentiment also makes sense since the
average patron doesn't understand the budget process or library funding,
nor should they necessarily.  Sometimes we have to remind them that the
library very often comes out ahead.
Best regards - and thanks, again!


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	Subject: Non-urgent question for Public Libraries re disposition
of fines, etc.
	I have a "Meatball Reference Question" and informal, anecdotal,
and "in a former library" types of responses are all A-OK.  You do not
have to specify the name of the library, city, or any other identifying
info.  I certainly won't keep that information with your substantive
yes, no, some, or other responses.  I will be using this info only
anecdotally myself.
	QUESTION: If you are an Oregon public library, do you keep your
late (and/or other) fines/fees for the library itself or are those
revenues turned over to your jurisdiction's general fund?
	If you know of a report (of fairly recent vintage) that compiles
and analyzes such data, from Oregon, ALA, or other org, I'd like to know
that too, but it is not necessary to do any research unless you happen
to be curious about this yourself.
	Almost anything you can tell me to update my knowledge from 1974
(when I last fielded this question, very delicately, in a public library
in Philadelphia) would be very helpful.
	Thank you!
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