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Wed Mar 14 15:25:07 PDT 2012

Dear Libs-OR community,
Librarians and library staff come in all shapes, sizes, and
flavors.  But if we have one thing in
common, it’s this:  whether we work in
public, school, academic, or special libraries, we are facing similar
challenges that require advocacy.  Another
generalization about us library folk is that we are consistently open to
sharing what we know.  For a group of
people stereotyped as quiet, if you ask us a question about libraries, we’ll
have plenty to say.  Right now, no other issue or topic seems more
deserving of a tell-all than advocacy.  

Advocacy is the theme for the summer issue of the OLAQ.  So, tell us. 
We want to hear your advocacy stories, ideas, and strategies.  What’s working?  What’s not working?  What successes have you had?  What has failed?  What are your tried and true methods?  What are your wild and ambitious
brainstorms?  Has your library been in a
crisis that demanded an emergency advocacy plan?  Have you been building a sustained long-term
advocacy effort for years?  Have you had
to advocate for your own position or the rights of your patrons?  How should we be thinking about advocacy at
the local, state, or federal level?  How
and what should we be communicating, and with whom?

Publication timeline: 
Send a brief description of your proposed article to kread at clark.edu by April 1.  Authors will be notified by April 15.  Final articles are due by June 1.  The issue will be published on July 15.  

Instructions for authors can be found here:  http://tinyurl.com/7jrvbd6

Looking forward to your submissions,

Kim Read

Adjunct Reference Librarian, Clark College

kread at clark.edu
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