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Bob Jones Bob.Jones at milton-freewater-or.gov
Wed Nov 7 14:57:07 PST 2012

I'm doing some research for our city council.  Feedback from city public libraries is especially needed, but info. from all types of libraries will be helpful.  Apologies to Sage System libraries, who already responded to a similar request recently.

 1.  Does your city government have a facebook page?

 1.  How long have they had it?

 1.  How many people have "liked" it?

 1.  How often do they monitor it for comments or messages?

 1.  How often do they update it?

 1.  Is it maintained by an employee, a volunteer, or a third party?

 1.  Approximately how much time per day or week does that person spend maintaining the page?

 1.  Have you had any problems, scandals, or controversies related to your facebook page?

 1.  Does your library have a facebook page separate from the city's page?

 1.  Any other information or anecdotes you'd like to share on this topic?


Bob Jones
Library Director
Milton-Freewater Public Library

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