[Libs-Or] Music in your parks

Leah Griffith leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov
Wed Oct 10 13:38:50 PDT 2012

Hi all, 

Our community music program "Tunes on Tuesday" may be moving from a couple of blocks away from the library where we don't really hear it, to adjacent to the library on our lawn.  They've had audiences of 800-1000 from 6 to 8 pm on every Tuesday from the 4th of July to Labor Day, usually 8 sessions.   They have big bands, to jazz, to rock, and African so it is a variety, but it is pretty well amplified.    

So... as I contemplate this change, I have a couple of questions to those of you that have summer music at your library: 

1. Are you open when the music is playing? 
2. Can you hear the bands within the library? 

3. Do you have complaints from library users if the music is audible within? 

4.  Our event includes wine sales.   That isn't a problem for our policy, but just wondered if your events also included spirits of any kind.  

Any and all advice would be appreciated.   Thanks 

Leah M. Griffith, Director
Newberg Public Library 
503 E. Hancock Street     Newberg, OR   97132
P 503-537-1256     F 503-538-9720

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