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Donna Cohen dcohen at dcoheninfo.com
Thu Oct 25 09:24:49 PDT 2012

Recently, I had the pleasure of conducting two Civics workshops for the
Tigard Public Library.  Although we covered a few topics, and I am happy to
customize workshops from among several topics available, I do have a special
desire right now to raise awareness of fiscal issues like tax reform  [and,
by extension, the deficit].

Here is some of the text from the attached flyer:
Tax Reform 101
Timely and critical: 
How do we reform our individual income tax code?

“You made taxes interesting!” A workshop participant

Federal tax policy represents a value system for collecting government
revenue and for government spending. And, it can affect our deficit.
Conservatives and liberals can find much to agree on if they take the time
to appreciate some basic underlying principles of the federal income tax. 

If you cringe at the thought of learning about tax policy, this is the
workshop for you! We focus on key principles; principles which anyone can
understand. Principles which will surprise you, and which will give you the
knowledge to engage more effectively in the current national discussion.

Sara Jesudason, Adult Services Supervisor says, “Donna brought a balanced,
informed set of discussion points and fact-checking sources on voting, tax
reform, citizenship, and other topics that sometime turn politics from
polite conversation to heated argument. Attendees left feeling that they had
enjoyed a robust and meaningful dialog on important issues.”

Please let me know if you might be interested.


Donna L Cohen, MLIS, MEd
D L Cohen Information Services
Portland, Oregon
dcohen at dcoheninfo.com
Information is power....if you can find it!

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