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This isn't really happening right now since I got the message several hours
ago but still thought you might want to see Maureen Sullivan's remarks.

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Maureen Sullivan is speaking at the Association of American Publishers
Meeting right now.  A summary of her remarks are below and attached as a
PDF file for your convenience.

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Summary of Remarks****

Maureen Sullivan, President, American Library Association****

*"Libraries & Publishers Strengthening the E-Reading Ecosystem"*

** **

Meeting at the Association of American Publishers, New York ****

September 27, 2012****

** **

*We must build on the long-standing, successful partnership between
publishers and libraries*.****

Through our common goal of bringing authors and readers together,
publishers and libraries have worked with each other for many decades. In
varied ways, libraries serve as marketers of books in all their forms. For
example, libraries promote the discoverability of works by recommending
titles, hosting author talks, displaying titles in library buildings and on
library websites, and hosting book clubs.****

** **

Libraries also contribute to the publishing ecosystem by teaching and
encouraging literacy (including digital literacy), reading, and lifelong
learning. Libraries and the American Library Association (ALA) also use the
bully pulpit to help communicate the importance of literacy and reading in

** **

** **

*E-book strategy: We must focus more on the future*.****

Advances in technology have enabled new forms of digital connection, such
as social networking and mobile apps. New services, new delivery
mechanisms, and new companies abound. How can publishers and libraries
leverage technological advances to develop services that will best meet the
future needs of our communities? How can publishers and libraries work
together in this essential quest? No one has all the answers, but ALA now
is considering all aspects of these questions. This is a key priority and a
matter of urgency for ALA, our 60,000 members, and the communities we serve.

** **

** **

*We must address immediate needs. Libraries serve people now, and e-book
growth is explosive*.****

The number of libraries that offer e-books has doubled over the past five
years, and libraries report double- and triple-digit growth in circulation
of these e-titles. ALA acknowledges that hundreds of publishers do make
e-books available to libraries in a landscape that is evolving rapidly. We
very much appreciate those publishers that sell e-books to libraries at
reasonable prices and terms. ****

** **

** **

The policy of some publishers to prohibit e-book sales to libraries is
unacceptable. ALA soon will undertake heightened advocacy efforts to
persuade these publishers that selling to libraries is in their--and
everyone's--best interest. Publishers engaged in active proposals or pilots
will be encouraged to accelerate these preliminary steps. ****


On balance, libraries tend to see current e-books as providing less
functionality and value than print books. While some features may be
superior, there are considerable disadvantages in terms of constrained
basic access, the rights to make accommodation for people with
disabilities, patron privacy, ability to integrate e-books into other
library resources, and the rights to ensure long-term archiving and
preservation. As a result, increased prices do not make sense. Libraries
certainly agree to pay reasonable prices and to adhere to the contracts
that we sign. We *want* publishers to remain in business; we *want* to
continue to be their customers! ALA, however, doesn't accept the
proposition that an e-book price that is a multiple of the print price is
justifiable or fair.****

** **

** **

*ALA urges strategic action*.****

There is tremendous strategic opportunity. The advances in technology
should enable many more possibilities for publishers and libraries than we
recognize today. If publishers and libraries don't figure it out, some
other entity will. Librarians nationwide are increasingly impatient and
dissatisfied with the status quo, and the ALA will take more aggressive
steps to address these pressing concerns. We want to work with publishers.
How can ALA and libraries work with publishers and better support efforts
to create a better future for our readers?

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