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I forgot that the latest SDAO Newsletter also had a little bit about
reporting child abuse as required in HB 4016.


Mandatory Reporting of Abuse and NeglectAn SDAO Property/Casualty Update

All citizens have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect
themselves.  This protection is commonly extended to infants, children, the
elderly or dependent, those with disabilities and residents of nursing
homes, health care facilities, etc.  While the State of Oregon, via the
Department of Human Services (DHS), has eliminated much of the individual's
responsibility for this protection, they ask everyone to report any
situation where there is suspected abuse or neglect.

In addition to the request outlined above, many professions are required to
report when they have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect.  The
list of mandatory reporters includes but is not limited to *all public
employees*, most medical personnel, emergency medical technicians, school
and child care personnel - including teachers, law enforcement, attorneys,
firefighters, child and foster care providers.  There are both criminal and
civil penalties for failure to report suspected abuse and/or neglect.  And
liability coverage may not extend to these penalties.  Therefore, SDAO
recommends that all members train their employees in the importance of
immediately reporting any suspected abuse or neglect.

To report suspected abuse or neglect:

   - If someone is being hurt or is in immediate danger, call 911.
   - If there is no immediate danger, contact the local Child Welfare
   office in your area.  Click here to obtain a list of local offices by
   - Similarly, you can report adult abuse or neglect by contacting the
   local Department of Human Services office in your area.  Click here to
   obtain a list of local offices by

*This article is an interpretation of information obtained from the **DHS
web site*<http://sdao.informz.net/admin31/content/l.asp?u=1022049936&m=2646439&s=25650&p=1408&l=http://cms.oregon.egov.com/dhs/Pages/index.aspx>
*.** *

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