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Rich Wandschneider rich.wandschneider at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 14:20:11 PDT 2013

Hello all,

News from your far northeast Oregon compatriot. We have the shelves donated
by Lewis & Clark College--about 180 linear feet of Estey metal one-sided
shelving--almost filled, and many boxes of books from Alvin Josephy's
libraries --he had one at his Greenwich, CT home and one here in
Joseph--waiting to be shelved.  Our next shelving move will be about 18
feet of double sided shelving. Preferably five or six feet high. That will
double our shelving, and get us through most of the Josephy collections and
other books that we have and are gathering. We also have a brand new custom
made oak map case and file cabinet that will hold over 15 feet of hanging
files--enough to get the papers, pamphlets, letters, and ephemera that we
have on hand all cataloged and stored.

So the immediate need is for double sided shelving. Metal to match Estey
would be grand. But other options will be considered. If anyone is changing
out shelving and has some to donate or to sell at reasonable prices, please
let me know.

thank you very much,
rich wandschneider

p.s., giving back: 1. our cabinet maker beat the heck out of catalog prices
on the map/file cabinet--and it is beautiful. He also built us fine six by
three oak library tables at less than catalog prices. Delivery time also

and giving back 2. A local volunteer has digitized all of the maps from
Josephy's *Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest. *No
center-fold creases in the maps; authors and researchers interested in the
history of the NW might be interested. Copyright is with the family, and
use for other publications quite possible.


rich.wandschneider at gmail.com
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