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Dear OLA list serve members,


As county law librarians, we support and promote equitable access to
justice and legal information every day. The Oregon Library
Association's (OLA) position on this important issue would damage many
existing, staffed county law libraries, libraries that reach out to
counties with unstaffed law libraries and provide assistance and
information when needed. We believe there are ways to improve equitable
access to legal information without causing harm to the counties.


Before you support the letter presented by the OLA Legislative
Committee, we urge you to talk with your fellow librarians who work in
county law libraries. County law libraries are funded through one source
only and this proposal would take 10% of that funding allocation off the
top to support a fledgling concept. After experiencing a significant
reduction in funding during the 2011-13 biennium, the added burden of an
additional 10% reduction will significantly impact the county law
library system. Patrons, including public and private librarians and
their users, who use the county law libraries, will be adversely
affected by the reduction in funding put forth in this proposal.


It distresses us to see this happening in the library world of Oregon.
There are other, less costly solutions. There are other ways to improve
access to legal information. We have a great concern for the underserved
of the State and are dedicated to this issue. Please visit our website
at www.occll.org <http://www.occll.org/>  and contact us if you have a
legal information need or questions on HB 5016 section 8.


Again, please also talk to county law librarians when considering this
very important topic. Thank you for your time.




Beecher Ellison, Law Librarian, Josephine County

Diana L. Hadley, Law Librarian, Douglas County

Jennifer Dalglish, Law Librarian, Clackamas County

Martha Jenkins, Law Librarian, Benton County

Martha Renick, Law Librarian, Multnomah Law Library

Peggy Schultz, Law Librarian, Linn County


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