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The first OLA Library Assessment Round Table (LART) meeting was a rousing success. We had 16 attendees (9 from colleges/university libraries, 4 public libraries, 2 MLIS students, and 1 from the Oregon State Library). It was decided that the group will elect a Chair (who runs the meetings), A Vice – Chair (who takes meeting notes), and Communications-Secretary (who organizes online, external, outreach communications). I am going to contact the LART members who expressed previous interest in these positions to see if this still the position they want to run for.

If you haven't already put yourself down as being affiliated with this round table please do so via the OLA form located here<http://www.olaweb.org/index.php?option=com_mc&view=mc&mcid=form_45507>. The group is open to OLA members of all types and stripes!

Primary Assessment Issues facing our Oregon Libraries (from attendees):

  *   Achieving a balance between what stakeholders/administrators are asking for in assessment and the types of assessment that actually might inform my work.
  *   Assessing the success of public library programing for special populations
  *   Tying what we do to student outcomes and faculty success
  *   Use assessment to effectively determine what my community members want to help strategically prioritize resources
  *   Getting others in the library to see the value of assessment (especially instruction)
  *   Would like additional metrics to evaluate library services beyond counting print transactions.
  *   Gathering and analyzing the results of various assessments of student learning outcomes and making meaning of them.
  *   Developing assessment that inform my work and maps to college and national requirements
  *   Think about new ways of assessing library value that might resonate with stakeholders / funders
  *   What do my faculty / students need?
  *   Meet changing accreditation requirements

Possible Role for LART

  *   Help us all learn about assessment
  *   A group to share our assessment practices and challenges
  *   How can we compare ourselves to others?
  *   Bank of tools, listserv, monthly virtual meetings
  *   Ideas for gathering info and presenting ideas
  *   Help develop meaningful outcomes measures that are also realistic and sustainable
  *   "brain dump" of assessment going on Oregon libraries — pool resources
  *   Communicate / promote assessment activities in Oregon Libraries
  *   Develop Best practices for Oregon Library Assessment
  *   Create a virtual space (wiki, webpage, database) that contains assessment tools and information
  *   Apply for future LSTA grants for library assessment professional development, tools, or Oregon libraries assessment research project.

Michele Burke  - Chemeketa Community College
Michele Caldwell  - Beaverton City Library
Marianne Colgrove – Reed (UW MLIS Student)
Thea Evenstad – Emporia Grad Student
Meredith Farkas – PSU
Linda Fallon – Beaverton City Library
Elaine Hirsch – Lewis & Clark
Melissa Little – Beaverton City Library
Ann  Reed — Oregon State Library
Torie Scott – PCC
Sara Seely - PCC
Steve Silver – NWCU
Rick Stoddart – OSU — ORGANIZER
Sara Thompson - OSU–Cascades
BJ Toewe – Salem Public Library
Laura Zeigen - OHSU

If you would like to get involved with OLA LART — Please let me know!


Rick Stoddart
Assessment Librarian
Oregon State University
121 The Valley Library
Corvallis, OR   97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-4393
OSU Libraries: Innovation, Heart & Ideas

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