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Sponsored by the LITA Mobile Interest Group

ALA Midwinter Virtual Meeting

When: Wednesday, January 15.

9 am Hawaii - 10 am Alaska - 11 am Pacific -12 pm Mountain - 1 pm Central - 2 pm Eastern

 Where: Virtually. Register at https://oregonconnect.ilinc.com/register/kbtvmbh

Description: The LITA – Mobile Computing IG is pleased to host the following presentations at its upcoming virtual meeting:

 1. Responsive Introduction/Overview

Presenter: Brad Czerniak

Web design has been a tumultuous 20-year journey. Along the way, it has seen battles for standards, competing platforms, and exciting innovations — all in the name of delivering the best possible sites to users. In this presentation, Brad (the developer of possibly the first responsive library website) will give historical background that puts the shift toward responsive design in context. He will also layout some forward-thinking concepts for where web design and development are heading in the near future.

Responsive sites:




2. Your Library, Anywhere: A Modern, Responsive Library Catalogue at University of Toronto Libraries

Presenters: Bilal Khalid, Gordon Belray, Lisa Gayhart

 With the recent surge in the mobile device market and an ever-expanding patron base with increasingly divergent levels of technical ability, the University of Toronto Libraries embarked on the development of a new catalogue discovery layer to fit the needs of its diverse users.

The result<https://exmail.oregonstate.edu/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx>: (http://search.library.utoronto.ca<http://search.library.utoronto.ca/>) a mobile-friendly, flexible and intuitive web application that brings the full power of a faceted library catalogue to users without compromising quality or performance, employing Responsive Web Design principles. In this talk we will discuss: application development; interface design; and project communications.

3. Maintaining multiple responsive designs with a small staff

Presenter: Steve Cherry

 The Catholic University of America libraries decided to adopt responsive design due to increasing mobile traffic. However, maintaining a unique theme for each site that needed one placed a huge burden on the small team. Steve will discuss some of the tools and techniques used to lessen that burden, allowing CUA Libraries to reuse the majority of code across systems.

Responsive sites:






4. Re-coding for Responsive Design: Tips, Tricks and Traps

Presenter: Alicia Virtue

 This presentation is an overview of the strategies used to adapt and implement responsive design for the Santa Rosa Junior College library website (http://www.santarosa.edu/library<https://exmail.oregonstate.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=Beslpd8_A0KiqDrWT2wStinT_Cp0ydAIeg4LvtJAzb7GUWTJwFCHWaiFhdBO7OFe88nxvtTYIK4.&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.santarosa.edu%2flibrary>). The SRJC library website serves as the main interface for student research and as the primary instructional tool for approximately 40 information literacy classes a semester. A discussion of the challenges faced in introducing multi-browser, multi-screen size performance  while adhering to the College's visual design requirements will include strategies taken to implement consistent  navigation across mobile phones, tablets and desktop interfaces  as well use of media queries for presentation of text and graphics. Highlights of some of the tools used to showcase and feature library resources across multiple device and display sizes will be addressed, including use of adaptive slide shows, carousels, lightboxes and other jquery-based tools.
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