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Yes, you can't put the title in a press release to the paper, but you can put it in your newsletter and on your web page.  We've found that our local paper gets the info from our web page/newsletter and puts the title in anyway, even though we've told them they aren't supposed to, but since we didn't provide it in a press release ....

We'll sometimes describe the movie like, "the latest from the creators of the caped crusader (Batman)", but we've gotten good crowds with the publicity we do.  And because our paper is an avid reader of our newsletter we hardly have to do press releases anymore, they just print stuff directly from our newsletter.

Many times we try to show it within days of it coming out on DVD.  We benefit from the marketing and regularly fill up the room.   Then there is the whole embargo issue about when we can check it out to people, but that doesn't stop us from showing it immediately, putting it in the catalog and letting the holds mount up.  But by showing it, we do eliminate some of the holds as people will have already seen it in our meeting room with popcorn!

It's a great easy program and when we get the speakers and projector installed in the meeting room, it will eliminate that set up activity, so they're our easiest programs.

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Hi all:
We have started showing films and movies for a couple of different purposes and now get to experience the fun world of movie licensing. I am flummoxed by the requirement from some licensors to restrict the use of the movie title. Have any of you folks had experience with this and how do you deal with advertising the movie?

Thanks for your help! Mo

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