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Hi Allison,

Below is a summary of responses from a request for recommendations on microfilm scanners from a libs-or conversation in July of 2012. Apologies if you've already seen this.

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Thank you to everyone who replied to my question about microfilm scanners.  The majority of respondents praised the ScanPro 2000 but a few had other favorites.  I compiled the responses and they are here for you to peruse should your library also be in the market for similar equipment.

Compilation of Microfilm Scanner Data Responses July 2012

Perry from Baker County: We have had a ScanPro2000<http://www.e-imagedata.com/> unit for about 3 years.  We're very satisfied, have had no significant problems with the unit or software.  It does take some practice getting used to, but staff & patrons find the digital enhancement benefits [large vertical screen, zoom, reverse image, brighten whole pages or just selected areas, save as digital file] are worth the effort.

>From Margaret at Eugene:  We have one of these snazzy microform readers and love it.  The brand is Image Data, it's the Scan Pro 2000.  Since our public printing is part of the Envisionware system for making internet reservations and printing, we configured the PC connected to Scan Pro for that system.  However, it could simply be connected to a dedicated printer just for the PC/Scan Pro.  And of course one can save on USB drive.  I love the ease of use, onscreen directions and images to walk the patron through everything from threading the film (or using fiche) to manipulating the image, saving, printing, etc.  Being more versatile does mean more complex, so we did have to have staff training.  Savvy patrons do fine once we start them.

David from StreamNet wrote: We have a Cannon MS 300 that we really like. Naturally it is slow on the initial reading and you have to line up each page/sheet and download them individually but the document is read and converted to a PDF quickly. We are very happy to have it the few times we have had to use it as pdf's are easier to read and manipulate than hardcopies. Besides, most of our patrons prefer pdf's these days.

Reita from Seaside: We recently purchased a microfilm reader/printer called the (wait for it) ScanPro 2000.  It took us three years to raise the funds and I did a lot of research.  It hooks up to a computer and prints from our networked printer. Although it works great, I had problems with the salesman.  When he was training our staff, I kept asking where the certain features were that were advertised and he said they were "extra".  After thinking about it for a few days, I contacted him and told him that I was not told they were "extra" when I placed the order and wanted to know how much "extra" they were.  He said $3000. My City Manager told me that was bogus and to send the machine back. When I told the salesman we were sending the machine back and wanted a full refund, he said we could have the extras for "only" $375.  When I told him we were still sending the machine back, he told us we could have the extras for free.  So, I cannot comment on the ScanPro 2000 as much as I can comment on the salesman.  Be careful when ordering!

Charles from Corvallis-Benton County:  Here is a brief review of our recently-purchased ScanPro 2000, which we purchased from Linco without a service contract. Reels that were nearly unreadable on a conventional reader look crisp on the ScanPro. It's also nice to be able to scan directly to pdf; we've started responding to obituary requests with email attachments. It's slightly easier to load film on to it than with a conventional reader, but the software interface could be better; I'll hazard that it takes most new users about 10 minutes to come to grips with it. One challenge is that fine horizontal film movement is controlled by dragging a bar on the computer screen, but vertical movement requires a push or pull on the slide tray. Also, when the film is scrolled it takes a moment for the image on the computer monitor to catch up. Because of this lag, looking through several days of headlines is faster on a conventional reader. I prefer the ScanPro to our older scanners, but I feel that it works better as a complement to a conventional reader than as a replacement.

Julie from Jackson County Library Services: We have 2 Canon digital microform readers, with a third on order. I love them!!! The first one we got is a Canon 300. The second one is a Canon 300 II.

I also do Interlibrary Loan, and have regular users who request a lot of microfilm, and they love being able to use the digital readers and scan to a flash drive, or send to their email. I also have some regular patrons who use them with our own microfilm/fiche and one just hooks his computer to the CPU, so it goes directly to his files.

Staff uses them for obituaries, and other requests from the microfilm, and we can send directly to a patron's email, instead of making copies, and then sending through the mail. That is wonderful!!

The digital are exactly like to older Canon scanners we have/had, so loading and using are exactly the same, the only difference is when making "copies", since it is done through the computer instead.
The scanners have carriages for both film (16mm, 35mm), and fiche, and they do not have to be taken off to use one or the other.

Usually the printing can be made better on the digital (depending on the what the original is like), and we can do framing, so obits/articles can often be made larger.

No more room is needed with the digital, if you had a printer hooked up to the microfilm reader you have now. There is the CPU, monitor and mouse, then the digital reader. We have our digitals hooked up to the LTP1 printer that we use for internet printing, so patrons can print right away, if they want to, but very few do.

Christy Davis
Supervising Librarian
Klamath County Library Service District
cdavis at klamathlibrary.org<mailto:cdavis at co.klamath.or.us>
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Hello List Members,

We're looking to replace our current microfiche reader/printer with one that is more robust and can handle more than 20 minutes without overheating.

Do you have any vendor and/or model recommendations based on your use?

Allison Absher

Online Resource Center:  http://oregon.gov/DAS/EGS/FBS/OSPS/

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