[Libs-Or] "Library Services in the Digital Age" - A New Report from the Pew Internet / Libraries Project

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Thu Jan 24 11:52:51 PST 2013

Greetings everyone!

Another report from our friends at the Pew Internet that most of you will probably find of value, "Library Services in the Digital Age."

You can find the full report on their website:

*         http://libraries.pewinternet.org/2013/01/22/library-services/

Or download the PDF version of the full report:

*         http://libraries.pewinternet.org/files/legacy-pdf/PIP_Library%20services_Report_012213.pdf

Previous reports you may also find of interest can be found here:

*         http://libraries.pewinternet.org/subjects/libraries/

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