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Hello librarian friends!

I promise not to flood you with all my blog posts, but thank you for your
responses to the one I did on libraries and librarians--you confirmed my
good thoughts about libraries and the people who work in them.

I send you this post because it is kind of a status report on what the
Josephy Library is and where we are with it today.

Thanks for listening!

The Josephy Library is part of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in
Joseph, Oregon. It is based on over 2000 books, journals, artifacts,
manuscripts, and miscellaneous pieces from Josephy home libraries in
Greenwich, Connecticut and Joseph, Oregon. It honors Alvin’s work as a
historian of and advocate for American Indians, and Alvin and Betty’s
commitment to literature, history, the arts, the West, and to the men,
women, and children of all colors and backgrounds who have lived in and
loved the West.

Alvin M. Josephy Jr. was the author of *The Nez Perce Indians and the
Opening of the Northwest, The Indian Heritage of America.... *


January 30, 2013:

1. Over 400 books are cataloged and on shelves.....  2,3,4,,,

enjoy! and come visit!

rich.wandschneider at gmail.com
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