[Libs-Or] OLA-SSD deadline is July 12!

Rebecca ROTH rebeccar at multco.us
Mon Jul 1 15:37:27 PDT 2013

Hello all!

Have you registered for the Support Staff Conference? There's still time.
 We're accepting registrations for our July 19th conference up through
Friday July 12th. We've got a lot of great sessions.
Also, we'll be trying something new this year: a couple of us, including
yours truly will be "live-blogging" the sessions.  I say "live-blogging" in
quotes because it may not updated continually, and may be posted right
after the sessions, so I may refer to it as "after-life blogging" in
actuality.  Whatever form it takes, stay tuned to the blog. We'll have a
special twitter hashtag, as well, which we'll let you know about closer to
the date.

Until then, we have some recent blog entries for you...

Ergonomics again. That pesky pinch grip. Should you strengthen it?  It's up
for discussion.

Have you switched cataloging systems? A library in Michigan did.

Stay cool!

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