[Libs-Or] recommendations for professional cleaning of entire library

Esther Moberg emoberg at cityofseaside.us
Tue Jul 9 11:58:53 PDT 2013

Dear Library folks, 
Our library is looking into doing a major cleaning of the main library. We have some accumulated building dust and general library particulates that we want to remove. Has anyone done a major library cleaning recently in the past 1-2 years with a professional cleaning company they would recommend? We are looking at making sure they have HEPA vacuum filters and air scrubbers to capture dust as it is kicked up. At this point we are not doing our HVAC ductwork, although we may do this down the road, so recommendations for either type of cleaning would be appreciated. Since we are on the coast we may potentially look at either Portland or even Salem for cleaners if they are the best and have reasonable pricing.
Thank you!
Esther Moberg
Director, Seaside Public Library
Seaside, Oregon
emoberg at cityofseaside.us
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