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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
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Hi! Apparently the Early Learning Update email MaryKay sent out on libs-or was unreadable by many of you. You can read the whole newsletter<http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=4owkkulab&v=001p0G3IzaXxpzbwSnsc1Sw-Ej6bSN4wgrT7etLJj60kzFz_7OB69k3mL4I1kO6vrGemsNUWV1J4b85Y9UUR4Kh-pY4ZRZOnBNiFNtaCJesItky8AWL186POzCYGhQ7eE0MkFcvMtO2LN0_pxaCRMpIOk5YuOcDD97Fjm8cqb7nhsdYDGZac45Nn-ZeEgokEV> online or just the bits and pieces of the newsletter that I copied and pasted below that may be of most interest to libraries:

*         ... I urge you to take advantage of and promote summer activities for children in your area. Learning opportunities are everywhere this time of year -- readings at your local library or the local museum, or volunteer to learn more about early literacy. Also, please spread the word about the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon State Library's partnership connecting early literacy and nutrition for families through the Summer Meals program this summer, and the partnership between the Oregon College Savings plan and Oregon public libraries to provide more money to families for summer reading. Please click the links for details.

*         Over the next year, the ELC and OEIB will improve kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading proficiency through providing grant funds to literacy programs around the state that start early and involve parents, child care providers, and the community. [The State Library will send out information about this grant opportunity as soon as more information is available. The OEIB has been using a public library project, Ready to Learn, as one of the examples of the types of grants they would like to fund. Learn more about Ready to Learn on their FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/readytolearnoregon]

*         The July ELC meeting will be held electronically at 12pm on July 18th and will be streamed for public access. Please check http://oregonearlylearning.com/early-learning-council/public-meetings/<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=anrbotnab.0.6jzfxunab.4owkkulab.0&ts=S0927&r=3&p=http%3A%2F%2Foregonearlylearning.com%2Fearly-learning-council%2Fpublic-meetings%2F%3Futm_source%3DJune%252FJuly%2BDirector%2527s%2BMessage%26utm_campaign%3DJune%252FJuly%2BDirector%2527s%2BMessage%26utm_medium%3Dweb> for further meeting updates, agendas, and materials.

*         The August ELC meeting will convene August 13th from 12-3pm at the Broadway Commons, Peru Room 3rd Floor, 1300 Broadway St. NE, Salem. This meeting will be followed by a joint Early Learning Council/Oregon Education Investment Board from 3-5pm at the same location. Please stay tuned for more details. [I will not be able to attend the August ELC meeting so, if you go, please send me an email with any important highlights.]

*         The Early Learning Council Hub workgroup, led by ELC Chair Pam Curtis, is working to launch the Early Learning Hub Request for Application (RFA) in August.

*         The Kindergarten Assessment will launch statewide end of August 2013.

*         sign up for the Early Learning Hub e-mail list<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=anrbotnab.0.fqzxqtnab.4owkkulab.0&ts=S0927&r=3&p=http%3A%2F%2Fmyemail.constantcontact.com%2FJoin-the-conversation-and-tell-us-what-you-think--join-the-Hub-mailing-list-.html%3Fsoid%3D1112004712927%26aid%3DwBlH4J9LAjw> to stay current on timelines and next steps.

URL to the newsletter: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=4owkkulab&v=001p0G3IzaXxpzbwSnsc1Sw-Ej6bSN4wgrT7etLJj60kzFz_7OB69k3mL4I1kO6vrGemsNUWV1J4b85Y9UUR4Kh-pY4ZRZOnBNiFNtaCJesItky8AWL186POzCYGhQ7eE0MkFcvMtO2LN0_pxaCRMpIOk5YuOcDD97Fjm8cqb7nhsdYDGZac45Nn-ZeEgokEVm6M_3OPRbxkUGxwen31x6TxuYeXreGP5zLKQbDEoVCXzqeptM9SXc09A%3D%3D

URL to sign-up to receive the newsletter directly: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Join-the-conversation-and-tell-us-what-you-think--join-the-Hub-mailing-list-.html?soid=1112004712927&aid=wBlH4J9LAjw

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
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Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

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