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This may be of interest to some of you. Please see the following summary below and these links for more information:

*         Libraries Super Wi-Fi Pilot  http://giglibraries.net/Default.aspx?pageId=1628969

*         Initial Statement of Interest: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FYWLGCF2Qq61OHPwlStR7josfGMLRBjjeBFrYGY8Xrs/viewform

*         About Gigabit Libraries Network  http://giglibraries.net/about

For those interested in the Libraries Super Wi-Fi Pilot being organized by the Gigabit Libraries Network:

  *   Gigabit Libraries Network intends to have libraries piloting use of TV White Space (often      referred to as Super Wi-Fi because it can pass through trees, walls, etc. and has longer range than traditional wifi).
  *   Short schedule: Pilots chosen in August. Equipment deployed in September. Operational October, November, and December.
  *   The equipment (a base station and 3 remote stations) will be provided by equipment manufacturers for the pilot projects. At the end of the calendar year, if the pilot projects would like to purchase the equipment, cost will be somewhere under $10K. If the pilot projects do not want to purchase the equipment, they will need to give it back.  This amount should be firmed up prior to the beginning of the pilot.
  *   The systems should be connected to a wired back haul and are not intended to provide primary broadband capacity for libraries with limited broadband.
  *   Libraries will use "surplus capacity" bandwidth to provide downstream bandwidth to the remote stations.  Surplus capacity is measured as that capacity in excess of what a library requires during peak library use.
  *   The wifi is accessible along the path between the base and the remote station.      The remote station can be a few miles from the base (2-7 ideally). Maybe more depending upon the situation. End point bandwidth is generally 3Mbps depending on the availability of surplus capacity.  Another option is for libraries to purchase dedicated bandwidth for this service.
  *   Equipment is supposed to be easy to set up. It is currently proprietary but the manufacturer is working to make it 802.11af compliant.  Power for the system is currently provided through POE devices but DC devices should be available soon
  *   Interested libraries should check the terms of service of their internet providers to make sure extending use of the internet connection beyond the library walls for free to the community is in compliance with the terms of service.
  *   There may be e-rate issues.  It is currently understood that this additional service would not be e-rate compliant but there may be plans to seek a waiver based on the fact that it is a part of library missions to provides services in the communities.  SHLB plans to be involved in helping to formulate this argument.  Some states are looking at alternatives  to help libraries support the added cost.  For example Michigan's R & E network is sponsoring the surplus capacity for the duration of the pilot.    It sounds like other telcos may be interested in similar partnerships.
  *   Gigabit Libraries Network wants to do at least 6 pilots. They may do more.
  *   Pilots will be chosen based upon the expected impact of extending the library's wifi network. Are there particular populations or geographic regions who would benefit from access to the library's internet via wifi outside of the library?  Note the requirement for an adequate base of broadband to build upon.
  *   Completing the Request for Information results in a conversation with Don Means from the Gigabit Libraries Network. Don  will work with the library to create a project plan.

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