[Libs-Or] Free Online Learning Opportunities

Darci Hanning darci.hanning at state.or.us
Tue Jul 30 16:07:03 PDT 2013

Greetings everyone!

Here is your semimonthly listing of various free training opportunities for the first half of August. As a quick reminder: Northwest Central<http://www.nwcentral.org/> has a calendar of online events and here's what's currently posted for the month of August<http://www.nwcentral.org/calendar/2013-08>.

The State Library continues to update the Continuing Education Resources<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/resources/conted.aspx> web page: new this month are links to online, self-paced courses covering general library skills, general and library technology topics, reference, technical services and collection development!

NEWS! The State Library has renewed the statewide membership with LYRASIS through June 30, 2014! This means two things for libraries in Oregon: 1) there are vendor discounts<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/resources/lyrasisor.aspx> that you can take advantage of and 2) library staff can participate in Lyrasis trainings<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/Events.aspx> at the member rate! In order to do so, each library staff person who wants to sign up for any training MUST register at the Lyrasis website<https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/MyLyrasisUserAccountRequest.aspx>  --  make sure to include your library name ("institution name") and "Oregon" as the state so that you will be eligible for this level of FREE membership. Please complete this member registration well in advance of the desired training date since there will be some turnaround time in approving your member registration.

Last but not least, please see the end of this email for a list of free, online trainings by Gale/Cengage Learning for the entire month of August!

 FoFor the first  half of August, the following webcasts will be presented for free by The Accessible Technology Coalition, American Libraries Live, American Management Association, Booklist, Colorado State Library, Educause, Georgia Library Association, Grantspace, Infopeople, Insync Training, Library Journal, NASA, National Library of Medicine, Nebraska Library Commission, Nonprofit Webinars, O'Reilly, San Jose State University's SLIS Program, TechSoup for Libraries, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, TL Virtual Cafe, VolunteerMatch,  Washington State Library, WebJunction, and the Wyoming State Library (and more!)

Keep in mind it may be useful to periodically check the calendars mentioned for updated/new offerings in addition to the items below.

ð  Please make sure to check the link for each item to confirm the time and convert to local (Pacific) time as needed: Pacific time is one hour behind Mountain time, two hours behind Central time, and three hours behind Eastern time.

August 1 (11:00a-12:00p) / Discovery Services: The Future of Library Systems (American Libraries Live)
Discovery services have the power to revolutionize library systems. With discovery services, you can find and retrieve information in ways never before possible. But what does this really mean for the average librarian? How do discovery services work? What changes are in store as a result of these innovations and when can we expect them to take place? In our next episode of American Libraries Live, library automation expert Marshall Breeding will lead an expert panel that will discuss how Discovery services will shape the future of libraries.

For more information and to register, please visit: http://americanlibrarieslive.org/blog/next-discovery-services-future-library-systems

August 6 (9:00-10:00a) / Blogging Beyond Book Recommendations (Washington State Library)
Most library blogs deliver excellent Reader Advisory Services, book recommendations and book lists. However, libraries provide more that books and our blogs could do a better job showcasing everything else that makes our libraries valuable and indispensable. Learn tips for making posts visually appealing, and ideas for inspiring your readers to keep coming back for more from Rosemary Washington, Library Associate at the Greenwood branch of the Seattle Public Library.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/libraries/firsttuesdays/default.aspx

August 6 (11:00a-12:00p) / Back to School with the Common Core (Booklist)
Whether or not your state has adopted the Common Core State Standards, you'll find a wealth of terrific tips for linking books to the curriculum in this back-to-school presentation. Preview new and upcoming titles from Albert Whitman & Company, Capstone, DK Publishing, Reference Point Press, and Scholastic Library Publishing in this free, hour-long program moderated by Gillian Engberg, Booklist's Books for Youth Editorial Director.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.booklistonline.com/GeneralInfo.aspx?id=63

August 6 (11:00a-12:00p) / Trainer Smarts (Insync Training)
As trainers, we naturally focus on learning, growing, & improving. Join facilitator Jane Bozarth as we explore our own improvement with a twist: identifying your strengths, not your weaknesses, and focusing on enhancing your talents rather than overcoming your deficits. Take this concept away with you for application that will result in great learning experiences for participants while keeping you energized as well.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://us.insynctraining.com/bozarth-programs/

August 6 (12:00-1:00p) / Civic Engagement in Your Library Community - A Guided Tour of the Book-to-Action Program and Toolkit (InfoPeople)
Book-to-Action is an innovative library program being implemented in libraries throughout California. Funded by IMLS/LSTA, Book-to-Action programs have offered California residents both the opportunity to collectively read and discuss a book and to put their newfound knowledge and perspective into action by engaging in a community service project related to the book's topic. The activities and guidelines presented in the Tool-Kit are now available and will be of great value to libraries everywhere. Book-to-Action offers libraries a new way to collaborate with and support organizations doing vital work in local communities, and to expand the role of the public library by mobilizing volunteers in work that enhances civic engagement.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://infopeople.org/training/view/webinar

August 6 (12:00-1:00p) / YouTube for Nonprofits: 25 Strategies to Attract Donors (NonProfit Webinars)
Has your nonprofit posted any videos on YouTube? Why should you? We'll examine how to create, post, embed, and drive traffic to videos - and photos - on YouTube and other social media sites. Learn how to do all these things for free or low cost. Learn what kinds of videos and photos to post, and how they can benefit you. We'll examine how to build awareness, raise funds, recruit volunteers, spawn viral marketing, communicate effectively, build online communities, interact with constituents, and drive traffic to your website, blog, and social media. We'll explore some interesting case studies. YouTube and other online videos are an effective way to connect with donors, build awareness for your cause, and raise more funds. What type of videos and content best connect with your donors and prospects? What steps do you need to take to incorporate YouTube in your fundraising strategy?

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://nonprofitwebinars.com/webinars/

August 7 (8:00-9:00a) / Boopsie-Daisy, Easy-Peasy! One librarian's experience with Boopsie mobile app development (Nebraska Library Commission)
Louise Alcorn, Reference Technology Librarian for the West Des Moines (Iowa) Public Library, will recount her experiences earlier this year working with Boopsie, Inc. to create a library mobile app: why her library chose to go with a private developer instead of "DIY mobile app", pros and cons of this decision, costs (money and time), their experience with the process, and why they're glad they "went mobile".

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://nlc.nebraska.gov/scripts/calendar/eventlist.asp?Mode=ALL

August 7 (10:00-11:00a) / Designing Effective Strategic Planning Retreats (NonProfit Webinars)
Strategic planning should be an opportunity for the whole organization to learn from itself (and others) about its choices, to develop a stronger consensus, and to cultivate increased engagement among its various stakeholders. However, it is often left in the hands of a small group of senior managers. How can you involve more of the organization, effectively and efficiently, in creating or revising your plans? The starting point for engagement is a carefully designed strategic planning retreat. There are various choices you can make in preparing for an effective retreat. These choices can be implemented using various structural tools so that the meeting is productive and contributes to a strategic planning process that yields plans that all understand and are aligned to implement. Rick and Sam will share examples and tools for working on strategic planning with groups from 12 to 200 in size.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://nonprofitwebinars.com/webinars/

August 7 (11:00a-12:00p) / Digital Literacy: What's It All About? (Montana State Library)
Lauren McMullen and Jo Flick will lead a discussion about the meaning of Digital Literacy for libraries. Together, participants will explore the important role libraries play in promoting digitally literate communities. In the second half of this session, participants will explore online resources they can access to support their digital literacy services and training.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: https://app.mt.gov/cal/html/event?eventCollectionCode=msl

August 8 (10:00-11:00a) / Evergreen Demo: Interested in the Evergreen Open Source ILS? (LYRASIS)
Join us for a one hour session about the LYRASIS Evergreen ILS services which include hosting, migration and support and demonstration of the system.

For more information and to register, please visit: https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=84B57A3D-ECD1-E211-8247-002219586F0D

August 8 (11:00a-12:00p) / LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative Information Session (LYRASIS)
LYRASIS' Digitization Collaborative offers members the opportunity to contribute materials to a regional mass digitization project. Lyrasis facilitates the process by selecting vendors and developing a collaborative collection development policy, guidelines, standards, and workflows. The Collaborative is funded by the Lyrasis membership and supported in part through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
For more information and to register, please visit: https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=9D779DFC-19B8-E211-8D82-002219586F0D

August 8 (6:00-7:00p) / Monthly Twitter Chat (ALSC)
Join ALA's Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) members and anyone interested in participating in a monthly Twitter chat. Timely professional topics will be discussed for one hour on the second Thursday of every month at 9pm EST. You can follow the chat by using the hashtag #alscchat. The event will be moderated by the ALSC Children & Technology Committee. This event is free and open to anyone using Twitter. You can find ALSC tweeting at @alscblog<http://www.twitter.com/alscblog>.

August 9 (9:30-11:00a) / Resource Sharing Detective Work: Find it and Get it Using Free and Open Access Resources (LYRASIS)
The digital word is rapidly changing our approach to resource sharing. Institutional repositories, open access resources, and digitization projects are quickly opening doors to previously inaccessible information.  In this free 90 minute 2nd Friday Series session, Russell Palmer, resource sharing and reference specialist at LYRASIS, will share resources, tips, and tricks to help reference and resource sharing staff find and retrieve scholarly articles, newspapers, archival records, maps and other materials that are sometimes challenging to get into the hands of users.  After this session, attendees will be able to: utilize digital resources more effectively as they pursue challenging reference and resource sharing requests; decrease the number of unfilled resource sharing requests; and understand the scope of digital information available in institutional repositories, open access resources, and digital collections

(Note: you MUST sign up at LYRASIS as a MEMBER IN ADVANCE to attend this training for free; see "NEWS!" at the beginning of this email).

For more information and to register, please visit: https://www.lyrasis.org/Pages/EventDetail.aspx?Eid=C4898262-83D3-E211-8247-002219586F0D

August 8 (11:00a-12:00p) / Where Teens and Technology Meet: engaging teens with digital media (WebJunction)
At Howard County Library System's HiTech Digital Media Lab, teens are developing critical 21st century skills and being guided toward careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Founded on innovative teaching methods which demonstrate that teens learn most effectively through hands-on projects and peer-to-peer communications, HiTech provides curriculum that is both self-paced and structured, offering an array of classes and projects for youth to select. The community response has been remarkable. Youth are on waiting lists to register for opportunities to explore and learn about STEM principles while having fun in the process.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: https://www.webjunction.org/events/webjunction.html

August 12 (7:00-8:00am) / Gamification and the Virtual Classroom (Insync Training)
Gamification is the utilization of game thinking and game mechanics in the training environment to engage learners and solve learning problems. Gamification and the virtual classroom is a trending topic in the learning and development community. Is gamification just points, badges, and leaderboards or is there more to it? What types of games are appropriate for the virtual classroom and what can we teach with games? This seminar will look at games that teach executive function skills such as planning, goal setting and prioritization. The session will also explore why these types of games are well-suited to the unique, collaborative environment of the virtual classroom.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://us.insynctraining.com/insync-byte-series

August 13 (11:00a-12:00p) / Geek the Library Information Session (Geek the Library)
Get a complete Geek the Library overview and your questions answered in a live format. Our informational webinars are a simple way to learn about the details before committing to participate in the program.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://get.geekthelibrary.org/webinars/

August 13 (11:00a-12:00p) / TGIM: Enjoy Your Job, Enjoy Your Life (Insync Training)
So often we focus on the negatives and tasks we don't enjoy. This workshop helps participants identify the things about work they enjoy and find satisfying, look at ways of creating more of those items, and develop skill in recognizing and appreciating small accomplishments and savoring small successes.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://us.insynctraining.com/bozarth-programs/

August 13 (11:00a-12:00p) / YA Announcements: Falling Into Books (Booklist)
Fall is just around the corner, and the smell of new books is in the air. Please join us as representatives from Bloomsbury Children's Books, Disney Book Group, Egmont, Harlequin Teen, and Macmillan Children's Publishing Group share their new teen titles for fall and beyond. Booklist's Books for Youth associate editor Ann Kelley moderates this free, hour-long webinar.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.booklistonline.com/GeneralInfo.aspx?id=63

August 13 (12:00-1:00p) / How to Build an Army of Online Brand Ambassadors (NonProfit Webinars)
Nonprofits are strapped for resources - staff time is minimal and marketing budgets are nonexistent. What are some creative ways that you can build buzz and spread the word about your nonprofit on the cheap? Consider tapping into your existing network to find Brand Ambassadors - supporters that will voluntarily promote your nonprofit and your cause by blogging, tweeting and speaking publicly about how much they love you! People who want to spread the word about your cause, raising money and awareness are by far your greatest online asset - if they are identified, engaged and acknowledged correctly!

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://nonprofitwebinars.com/webinars/

August 14 (8:00-9:00a) / EveryoneOn @your library (Nebraska Library Commission)
EveryoneOn.org is a national three-year media campaign-currently underway-to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy. The campaign's mission is to promote the personal relevance of computer and high-speed Internet use among non-users, and to connect them with free digital literacy training. It is likely that, in many cases, this training will be provided through school and public libraries. In Year One, the National Ad Council campaign will focus on the call to action: "Find free training near you!" It will direct customers to call, text, or visit a Website with a directory of sites where they can receive one-on-one instruction and/or classes.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://nlc.nebraska.gov/scripts/calendar/eventlist.asp?Mode=ALL

August 14 (11:00a-12:00p) / Introduction to Fundraising Planning (GrantSpace)
A successful nonprofit organization has diversified funding streams. If your organization has never developed a fundraising plan or calendar, this session is for you. It provides an overview of the process of strategically thinking through the components of a fundraising plan. You'll learn how to: Conduct an assets inventory, Develop a case statement, Identify funding partners, and Prepare a fundraising plan and calendar.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://grantspace.org/Classroom/Training-Calendar/Live-Webinars/

August 14 (11:30a-12:30p) / Library-Museum Partnerships: Oh, the places you'll go! (Colorado State Library)
Libraries and museums share common missions-to engage communities in lifelong learning, cultural enrichment, civic conversations, information resources, and gathering as neighbors. Sharing so many goals makes libraries and museums excellent partners that together can more fully support and engage their communities. Join in this interactive CSL in Session to explore and discuss the many possibilities of how museums and libraries can collaborate-and why they should. From programs for kids to digitization projects, share your ideas and learn new ones from fellow attendees from both libraries and museums in this lively online forum, and come out with a list of first steps to take in creating or strengthening a partnership with a library or museum in your community.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://cslinsession.cvlsites.org/

August 14 (12:00-1:00p) / Advanced Search for Beginners: Navigating the latest release of the American FactFinder - Part 2 (InfoPeople)
Linda Clark, data dissemination specialist for the U. S. Census Bureau, will guide you through the latest version of the American FactFinder database. NOTE: This entire webinar will consist of "hands-on" exercises using Census Bureau online tools and data from the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey. We strongly urge you to print the handouts in advance.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://infopeople.org/training/view/webinar

August 15 (10:00-11:00a) / DECLARE:  Online Instructional Design for Everyone (Training Magazine)
The DECLARE methodology of instructional design was developed with both the program and course in mind. DECLARE is a set of practical recommendations and content reminders used when creating training programs and courses. Learn to: Prioritize Content and Learner Needs. Balance the creation of engaging interactions and content. Create relevant conceptual models that aid with student retention. Develop SME & Designer Relationships. Develop a cohesive, consistent, and repeatable instructional design methodology and style.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.trainingmagnetwork.com/welcome/Webinar%20Calendar

August 15 (12:00-1:00p) / Inspired Reading: New Titles in Christian Fiction (Library Journal)
>From apocalyptic adventures to intricate Amish relationships, Christian fiction is so much more than devotion. Whether you are looking for some good clean romance or exciting protagonists guided by the Spirit, this webcast is for you. Discover the latest offerings from David C. Cooke, Kregel Publications, and WaterBrook Multnomah and pick up some inspired reading this fall!

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/category/webcasts/

August 16 (11:00a-12:00p) / People - Difficult or Different? (Effectiveness Institute)
Why are some clients or co-workers so frustrating to work with?  Or more importantly, why would anyone think of YOU as a difficult person?  For example, isn't it irritating when the person across the desk or on the phone can't seem to ever make a decision... or makes a snap decision only to change it a day later? In this highly interactive and engaging presentation, you will discover why "different" does not have to mean "difficult."  Then you will learn the magic of making slight adjustments in your awareness and behavior that will have a significant impact on your ability to "click" with customers and co-workers. You will laugh as you identify your behavior style, as well as those with whom you work.  While you laugh, you will also learn that people are different and that "intent" doesn't always equal "impact."  In short, you will realize how to make work... less work!

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.effectivenessinstitute.com/index.php?option=com_dtregister&Itemid=54

August 16 (12:00-1:00p) / Hands-on NASA Activities to Celebrate Our Personal, Cultural, and Scientific Connections to the Moon! (NASA)

NOTE: registration is limited; register early if you're interested in this!

Public library staff and informal educators are invited to join the Lunar and Planetary Institute's Explore program team for hands-on activities and programming ideas! Use food, art, storytelling, and interactive investigations to celebrate our Moon! Explore: Marvel Moon activities rely on inexpensive materials and can be flexibly implemented. As the children complete each activity, they collect pages to assemble into their own comic books.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/education/explore/lib_trainings/webinar_16aug2013/

The following free webinars are available to learn more about the Gale products available through the State Library's Statewide Database Licensing Program<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/technology/sdlp/index.aspx>. If you can't attend the live webinar, archived recordings of previous training sessions<http://www.cengagesites.com/Literature/790/gale-cengage-library-training/on-demand-training/> are also available.

[http://www.gale.cengage.com/images/database_icons/opposingViewpoints_in_context.gif]Opposing Viewpoints in Context
More than just pro/con source, this dynamic online library includes topic overviews, statistics, legislative data and more. Learning this interface will also help you navigate other "In Context" databases offered by Gale, including Student Resources in Context, U.S. History in Context.

·         August 9, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12909&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 14, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12910&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 27, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12911&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

[http://www.gale.cengage.com/images/database_icons/powersearch_lg.gif]Gale Power Search
Many Gale databases use this search interface, so this webinar would be a  great introduction to those new to using the Gale products.  Also, learn how to use the cross-database search capacity of Power Search to increase the reach of your searching.

·         August 8, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12900&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 14, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12901&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

[http://www.gale.cengage.com/images/database_icons/kids_infobits_lg.gif]Kids InfoBits
Complete with an engaging, developmentally appropriate graphic interface and reference content, Kids InfoBits simplifies research and helps students visualize the research process. Learn how to use Kids InfoBits to start your young students researching and make the learning fun.

·         August 16, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12905&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 27, 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12906&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

[http://www.gale.cengage.com/images/database_icons/student_resources_in_context.gif]Student Resources in Context
This ever-growing collection of premium cross-curricular content promotes learner engagement while fostering critical-thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and creativity skills. Uncover how this resource removes the risk of unverified sources on the open web while delivering an authoritative, multimedia selection of essential content.

·         August 7, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12912&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 13, 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12913&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 29, 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12914&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

[GVRL]Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
Learn more this award winning Reference tool  named Best Overall Database for 2012 by Library Journal.

·         August 7, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12902&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 12, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12903&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 23, 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12904&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

[Gale Admin Tool][Gale Usage Website]Gale Usage and Administrative Tools
Learn how to exploit these tools to give your library users the best research experience.

Gale Admin Tool

·         August 12, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12898&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

·         August 28, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. (PT)<http://s2138.t.en25.com/e/er?channel=Eloqua&elq_mid=6398&elq_cid=2655252&s=2138&lid=12899&elq=74d80bb14fb947168ffac9659514edbd>

It may be possible to arrange in person training for your library staff, particularly for if you can host a session for other library staff in your geographic area. Please contact Arlene Weible<mailto:arlene.weible at state.or.us> (or 503-378-5020) if you would like to discuss options!

Darci Hanning * Technology Development Consultant * Library Development Services
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR  97301
503-378-2527 darci.hanning at state.or.us<mailto:darci.hanning at state.or.us>

[cid:image003.jpg at 01CE4751.8A8D6B50]<http://www.oregon.gov/osl/LD/Pages/youthsvcs/oregon.srp.certificate.aspx>
Summer Reading 2013 at Oregon libraries<http://libdir.osl.state.or.us/>!

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