[Libs-Or] blog -- a bit of Christmas at the Library -- 3-1-13

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Fri Mar 1 08:40:14 PST 2013

Hello librarian friends,

I don't send ticklers on my blog entries to most of the Josephy Library
posts--they most often deal with particulars of Indian and Western history,
and I hope that those of you with particular interests in the fields will
become blog followers or email me to get on my ticker list.

But this week it is more about bookmanship--so thought more of you might be


Unpacking and cataloging books at the Josephy Library is a little bit like
Christmas every day. I dig through things looking for the most essential
things to catalog (there are boxes left to catalog, so someone has to
prioritize!), schlep them to volunteer librarian Shannon Maslach at the
bank, and she brings them back with neat little cards in them, or in nice
folders that go in the new oak map case/file cabinet built for us by local
cabinet maker Brian Oliver.

This week it was a faded, torn covered copy of James Michener’s *Tales of
the South Pacific...*.


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