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Hi Dan,

I don't know of any way to prevent users from changing settings or adding/removing content. Instead, you may choose to restore factory settings, re-register, and re-load your content (optionally using Calibre<http://calibre-ebook.com/> software if the content is DRM-free) after each check-in.

If your concern is that users will purchase content with your Amazon account, note that I was able to register a Kindle Paperwhite device to Amazon and check out library ebooks without supplying any credit card information. If you do need to supply a card number, perhaps you could remove it later or replace it with one of several dummy numbers used for card transaction tests.

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the seaside public library has plunged, is plunging, into the world of e-readers, specifically the kindle 4 non-touch (no ads).

there will assuredly be many inquiries following this, and forgive me if thesequestions have been asked before, but...

1. is there a way to lock down a pre-loaded kindle 4 non-touch short of deregistering the device?

2. does amazon provide any downloads to prevent jailbreaks, even on a deregistered reader?

a cursory search into these two questions come up with "no" and "no."  any tips, ticks, or helpful links would be greatly appreciated.

dan cawley
seaside public librar
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