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Lucien Kress lucienk at multcolib.org
Wed Mar 6 11:52:55 PST 2013

It seems like Whispercast (whispercast.amazon.com) would do most, if not
all of all, of what you want. I've used it in a test account, and it seems
like it would work for libraries. Among the policies you can set are:

Block social network integration
Block web browser
Block store
Block factory reset & device de-registration
Block changes to wi-fi settings

The process for distributing purchased ebooks to Kindles is laborious, but
I think no more laborious than doing it manually. I would love to hear from
a library that is actually using it live, to know whether it really meets
the needs.


Lucien Kress
Project Manager
Multnomah County Library

On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 9:58 AM, Buzzy Nielsen <buzzy at hoodriverlibrary.org>wrote:

>  Hi Dan,
> We also wipe our devices at checkin here, through the de-registration
> process, and include instructions for patrons to register the device using
> their own information. We do that for Kindles, Sony Readers, and Nooks.
> Cheers!
> Buzzy
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>  On 03/06/2013 09:50 AM, Dunham, Charles wrote:
> Hi Dan,****
> ** **
> I don’t know of any way to prevent users from changing settings or
> adding/removing content. Instead, you may choose to restore factory
> settings, re-register, and re-load your content (optionally using Calibre<http://calibre-ebook.com/>software if the content is DRM-free) after each check-in.
> ****
> ** **
> If your concern is that users will purchase content with your Amazon
> account, note that I was able to register a Kindle Paperwhite device to
> Amazon and check out library ebooks without supplying any credit card
> information. If you do need to supply a card number, perhaps you could
> remove it later or replace it with one of several dummy numbers used for
> card transaction tests.****
> ** **
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> 541 766-6965****
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