[Libs-Or] Outreach: communication through social media to non-English speaking and multicultural communities

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i used to tweet for REFORMA.  We established a huge following on Twitter
and have a good facebook presence now.  I don't work for them anymore, but
I can tell you we used genuine posts on issues concerning
our constituency and worked to forge relationships with other organizations
that held common interests--sharing information with them and passing along
relevant information from them to our followers.



On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:29 AM, Martiěn Blasco <MartinB at wccls.org> wrote:

>  Hi Everyone:****
> ** **
> I'm trying to have a sense of what Oregon's libraries are doing to keep in
> contact with the non-English speaking (Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese,
> Somali, Russian, etc.) and multicultural communities (ethnic groups that
> may know the English language but have very strong cultural traditions),
> that is, the best practices you know.****
> What are the best social media that you are using (Facebook, Twitter,
> Pinterest, websites, blogs)?****
> How do you use it? For instance, with Facebook, what is the best path that
> you take to get more "Likes"? Do you find Twitter a more popular medium?**
> **
> I would appreciate any information that you can provide from personal
> experience or from studies. ****
> Thank you so much and have a great week,****
> ** **
> Martín Blasco****
> Outreach Librarian for Latino and Multicultural Services****
> Washington County Cooperative Library Services****
> 503.648.9785 ext. 3#****
> ** **
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