[Libs-Or] [L-net] 10 years of L-net: what's next?

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I heartily agreed with Caleb!

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Emily Ford raised some important concerns,

In a time when the State Library is also re-envisioning itself and faces budgetary challenges, what will happen to Answerland? Will, in June 2014, L-Net disappear because, although funds are through LSTA, the State Library cannot take over because of additional costs and responsibilities?

While I would like to celebrate this momentous birthday, Caleb's and Emily's great leadership, and the volunteer work and partnering that has happened all over Oregon, I am very fearful for the future of Answerland after June 2014.

Questions such as these are exactly why we need a task force. I can't answer them. Our State Librarian, MaryKay Dahlgreen, can't answer them. We need the involvement of the Oregon library community.

I feel strongly that the main question is not "how do we continue L-net" but one I asked in the beginning of the message: "what are Oregonian's reference and information service needs that can be addressed by Oregon libraries working together?"

We have a successful program, and we have a vibrant community of library staff and volunteers who deliver it, and I don't want to see those things go away either. But it is much better to try to sort out funding and other issues now than it will be to wait until there is a crisis.

Yes, yes, it is worth noting that announcing we will keep the current model until June 30, 2014 does sound awfully like a crisis. But not yet. The timeline is short and the work will be hard, but we will do it.

I find it hard to imagine we would discard everything we have built and learned, but I don't think we should preserve it solely for its own sake. L-net is a group of people working together to provide service to Oregonians, and I am confident that if the group is willing, the service will continue.

Caleb Tucker-Raymond

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