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Emily PAPAGNI emilyp at multco.us
Sun Mar 31 17:04:10 PDT 2013


L-net has a reference question that has stumped all of us so we're
opening the question up to all of our Oregon library colleagues.  Our
patron asks:

"...When I was 9, my 4th grade teacher mentioned an amazing library in
Oregon that she visited. She said it was a whole street of houses, and
each house held a different topic. When one would check out a book, it
was done at the front door of each house. I always thought this
sounded amazing, and it would be a dream come true to visit. For some
reason, I always thought it was in Portland. Does this library
actually exist in Oregon? Thank you so much for any clues about this

The patron adds that it was about 1992 when the teacher described a
street of library houses.

Whether such a place ever existed or not, we think it's a wonderful
idea!  But we are stumped.  Have any of you heard of this either in
Oregon or elsewhere?

It's also possible that a street of libraries was described in a book
rather than being a real location.  If you recognize that possibility,
let us know.

You can reply directly to me and if an answer is found, I'll share it
with the list.



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