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Leah Griffith leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov
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Our distributor in the Newberg area will not even consider delivering on the off days as they aren't the ones who fill the sale boxes and so have no staff available.

My next effort is to see if we can't get a sales box at the Library and then we'll just go out and buy it each day.

As one of my staff said this morning GRRRR!

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Interesting!  The Canby distributor is charging $3.75 a week, so I guess we’re getting a bargain.  It’s pretty flat out here, maybe that’s why it’s cheaper.  ; )

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Outside the downtown Portland core area delivery seems to be up to the contract distributor.  Some are offering to delivery daily for an additional fee ($4.50 a week was quoted in the Raleigh Hills/Beaverton area).  I was wondering if public libraries could become outlets – get a newspaper distribution box installed in the lobby or on the porch. That way you could get the paper delivered and patrons would know they could buy a personal copy at the library, too.  Just a thought….

Eva Calcagno, Director
Washington County Cooperative Library Services

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So this morning, my porch at home was bare and so was our porch at the library.  No Oregonian.  I felt a little sad.

However, we’ve already had patrons, who also found their front porches bare, coming to the library expecting to find a copy of the Oregonian here.

As we saw from Mary Kay on Sunday, she’s had no good response from the Oregonian.   How have you in the Metro Area where our papers are delivered by the same people who deliver to homes (so we get no delivery) dealt with this?   Any suggestions?

Leah M. Griffith
Director,   Newberg Public Library     503-537-1256



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