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	There are dozens of books that meet that title description.  Go to :


and put "die" and "laughing" (together) into the title search.  You will get a list about two screens long.  Some are obviously NOT it, but there are also plenty of good candidates.  Perhaps seeing the full title will ring a bell.


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> Please pardon the cross-posting. I?m forwarding this on behalf of Eila Overcash. See the email below. Let the sleuthing begin! :-)
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> and I have very little to go on.  The barista at Starbucks this morning was telling me about a book that her librarian read to her class when she was in elementary of middle school.  It is about a kid who doesn't want to go to the circus because he is afraid the clowns will make him die laughing.  She thought the title had something to do with dying laughing.  Any ideas?
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