[Libs-Or] OLA Conference - be sure to stick around to the end to see the 3d printer in action!

Maureen Cole mcole at ci.oregon-city.or.us
Fri Apr 4 13:06:37 PDT 2014

Hi all you conference go-ers out there:
I know how it is. You've already been at the conference for one whole day or even just several hours, and Friday afternoon rolls around. You are basking in the glow of seeing your colleagues acknowledged by peers at the Awards Luncheon. The sun is shining, you're ready for a nap, and suddenly leaving early to beat the traffic sounds like a really good idea.

DON'T DO IT! Make sure you have the full conference experience by sticking around for the Friday afternoon sessions. There are so many good ones.

However, you know I have an ulterior motive and am writing to promote one particular session. Hey, we all need help making decisions, right? Take a look at this:

Friday, 2:15
Maker Spaces: Make My Day or Break My Space?

Description: Everyone is talking about maker spaces but what makes a successful maker space? How do libraries know what tools and materials to purchase? What are the problems libraries have encountered? Hear from libraries who have implemented maker spaces and learn about what works, what doesn't work, and how to avoid expensive and time consuming pitfalls in the new and exciting area of maker spaces.

Mo Cole, Oregon City Public Library; Mark Richardson, Cedar Mill Community Library; Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State University Libraries; Todd Feinman, Lake Oswego
Public Library
Sponsor: PLD/LTRT

I just spoke with the panelists today and we are so excited to engage with you on this topic! AND we'll have a 3D printer there for you to see in action!

So, please, get this on your session line-up calendar. We look forward to seeing you there, and remember, even if you don't stay for our session, stick around on Friday afternoon-it's well worth it!

Best, Mo

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