[Libs-Or] Adult Literacy Programming in Public Libraries

Kristy Cooper saliplibraries at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 06:49:42 PDT 2014

Are you interested in doing something with adult literacy at your library
but not sure where to start? I wanted to share a FREE resource I created
about supporting and starting adult literacy programs in public libraries:
http://salipl.org.  This website includes information on why public
libraries are perfect for supporting adult literacy, success stories from
libraries that have implemented programs and information about working with
adult learners.  In the "Program Toolkit" portion of the website, there is
an outline of all the steps involved in connecting with Adult Literacy
programs in your area, building a literacy collection, finding potential
tutors, setting up tutor training, advertising for learners, doing
assessments, learner placement, tutoring session logistics and keeping
track of learners and tutors.

I've also compiled all of this information into an eBook (also free) in pdf
format that is available on the main page.

The site has example presentations that you can adapt for potential tutors
and other stakeholders as well as templates for just about all the
paperwork you could possibly need dealing with assessments, placement and
tracking.  I was able to make these all readily available thanks to the
generous people at Washtenaw Literacy.  There is a growing FAQ section and
everyone is welcome to send me questions through the site that I will be
happy to answer.

Also, if your library does programming with adult literacy, please contact
me and I will add your library's information to the site!

Salipl.org <http://salipl.org> also has a facebook page:

I'm hoping we can develop this into a place for further dialogue about what
we can do to help the 30 million adults struggling to read in this country.


Kristy Cooper
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