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Rebecca ROTH rebeccar at multco.us
Mon Apr 28 15:44:57 PDT 2014

Hello all -

We just recently participated in the OLA conference, and here's a report
from Jey on the enjoyable events there.
Why a report from the OLA Conference? In case you haven't heard, we aren't
having our usual SSD conference in July this year, so we sponsored some
sessions at the OLA conference, which just happened mid-April.
On a related note, we are looking for conference committee members for
next year and board members for right now. You can see what we have
available on our blog home page: http://ola-ssd.blogspot.com/ further down
the page on the right side.  If you are curious about any of the positions,
don't hesitate to shoot us an email at olassd at gmail.com.

Here is a scholarship opportunity for Interlibrary Loan people to attend
the NWILL Conference. They have a number of $500 scholarships available:

And here are some fun things happening in libraries both in Oregon and
around the world:
has a link to the March edition of Associates, which has a neat
article about the New York Public Library equivalent of our Support Staff

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