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ALA has been asking us to participate in this action.
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 Dear Fight for the Future member,

Today is the day we fight back against NSA spying -- and it's already huge.
30,000 people have already called their lawmakers and 75,000 have sent
emails! #StopTheNSA has been trending on twitter since this morning.

Now is the time! Click here to take action to stop the

Since even before Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, we've been building
a movement to defend Internet users from abusive government surveillance
and protect free speech online.

Thousands of websites are joining today's protest to demand an end to
dragnet government spying -- we've even raised the Internet Defense
League's "Cat Signal."<http://list.fightforthefuture.org/mpss/c/jgA/ZgwNAA/j6GrdysET72l1lLCNIH2cQ/h1/uE42HpRZU4Sr-2FZDIZFKAqSlzW2KQpwwEIWqJGfzH-2BVNBY4y0X-2Fw2F9XyrYtOu2b3rEVA0WmWe3aSfp3q55KuJwx-2Firdz3RVVTNT6lXn2CUqh3omKnioBOF6n3-2FlIa8j3>Just
like when we defeated SOPA, grassroots activists are leading the
charge but many large websites are jumping on board to help.

We're making history today. A quick glance at the organizations and
companies listed on
it clear that something epic is happening.

On any other day, if you simply call or email your legislators, your voice
may be lost -- drowned out amidst all the other issues called in on that
day. But if you take action today -- your call or email will be counted
among tens of thousands melting phones and inboxes in Washington, DC --
you'll be part of the history that we're making today -- the day we fight

Click here to take urgent action to stop NSA spying.

For years, the NSA and a host of other government agencies have exploited
secret legal interpretations to undermine our privacy rights -- chilling
free speech and activism, and subverting  the very underpinnings of our
democracy itself.

We are demanding that decision makers remedy this by:


   Passing the USA FREEDOM Act, which would move us in the right direction
   and end some of the spying.


   Defeating the so-called "FISA Improvements Act", Sen. Dianne Feinstein's
   bill that would entrench -- and potentially expand the NSA's power.


   Creating additional privacy protections for people living outside the


   Ending the NSA's subversion of encryption and other data security

Today we draw a line in the sand. Will you help us stop the NSA's assault
on freedom?<http://list.fightforthefuture.org/mpss/c/jgA/ZgwNAA/j6GrdysET72l1lLCNIH2cQ/h4/g4azD85UId0kU7aiZy4BP6FXGd5hVWJWWNK2vkNxzZkyfUlfpUrXNqHSLLl6RBWGjINqcYFAo9-2FC48rOgqiFpX-2FWIOZ6eZqpC5TT1qb-2BmEU-3D>

Thanks team! After the dust settles from today's epic protest, we'll be in
touch about the next steps. We've got big plans for this spring that will
push this movement forward and ruin the NSA's entire summer. Stay tuned.

For the Internet,

-Tiffiniy, Holmes, and Evan

Fight for the Future

P.S. Got a website? Get the Internet Defense League
your site to participate in The Day We Fight Back and future campaigns
to save the we b from any threat that comes along.


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