[Libs-Or] 2 library policy questions

Shannon Van Kirk SVanKirk at bluecc.edu
Mon Feb 17 12:33:30 PST 2014

Saw a documentary on e-cogs and med folks quoted said that there have not been enough studies done to make a statement either way about 2nd-hand vapor.  So far all we really know is that the combustion particles are not there.  That’s good, but not enough.

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Seems a bit odd to include them since the by-product is not harmful to others.


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Had an interesting pro/con set of articles about “vaping” (e-cigs) in Sunday’s Eugene Register Guard. Sadly looks like you have to subscribe to view them online ☹ It will be interesting to see the debate over whether they are or should be included in smoking bans.

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We have a portion of our Code of Conduct that addresses "Disturbing other library patrons or staff through extremely poor personal hygiene." I've never had to enforce it at this library, but I did at my last library. We directed the patron, who was living in her van with three cats, to a shelter that had washing machines that she could use.

We forbid smoking and using tobacco products on all of our grounds. It's also a part of our Code of Conduct. It doesn't specifically mention e-cigarettes, although I don't think it would be a far stretch to include e-cigarettes under "smoking". My understanding is that they do release a vapor.

Here's a link to our full Code of Conduct:


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On 02/14/2014 03:53 PM, Craig Carter wrote:

Hello everyone,

We have been discussing two separate policy questions, and want to get some feedback from other libraries on how they handle each of them.

The first has to do with patrons with personal hygiene challenges. Do you have a policy that deals with this, and if so, what is your policy? Do you offer any resources to these patrons as far as someplace they could go to shower/bathe and/or get their clothes washed?

The second has to do with e-cigarettes. Do you have a policy that addresses them? If so, what is it? What about chewing tobacco? Do you lump all tobacco-related issues into one blanket policy, or are they separate?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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