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Kirsten Brodbeck-Kenney kbrodbeck-kenney at lincolncity.org
Tue Feb 18 12:04:23 PST 2014

We just finished revising our Conduct Policy -- so recently that it's
not up on the website yet. We have not had any issues with e-cigarettes
as of yet, beyond inquiries from staff and volunteers over whether they
can be used in the library or in work areas. For staff and volunteers,
we include it in policies about professional conduct and the like.
For patrons, we have language in our policy about smoking or using
tobacco products, as well as language about restrictions on "Consuming
or ingesting any food, drink, or any other substance." We feel between
the two of these, we could in good faith ask someone not to smoke
e-cigarettes in the building if it became a nuisance. 
My husband actually uses e-cigs, and while most indications are that
the vapor is likely much less harmful than cigarette smoke, I do find
that the odor of the vapor can become overwhelming in enclosed spaces or
in close proximity, especially with some of the brands. Smell-wise, it
can sometimes be almost like sitting next to someone who's applying
perfume, although it does dissipate quickly.
We have elected not to include language about personal hygiene
specifically in the policy; instead we include a provision for "behavior
that infringes upon the rights of others to enjoy the Library’s
principal purpose of education and quiet study." It is our feeling that
an egregious example of body odor or heavily applied perfume could fall
under this, although we have not applied it in this manner in recent
memory. Our biggest issue relating to odors has been a patron who
repeatedly returned library items that smelled strongly of cat urine,
which we eventually handled as a case of damage to library items.

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>>> Craig Carter <craigc at tigard-or.gov> 2/14/2014 3:53 PM >>>
Hello everyone,

We have been discussing two separate policy questions, and want to get
some feedback from other libraries on how they handle each of them.
The first has to do with patrons with personal hygiene challenges. Do
you have a policy that deals with this, and if so, what is your policy?
Do you offer any resources to these patrons as far as someplace they
could go to shower/bathe and/or get their clothes washed?

The second has to do with e-cigarettes. Do you have a policy that
addresses them? If so, what is it? What about chewing tobacco? Do you
lump all tobacco-related issues into one blanket policy, or are they

Thanks in advance for your input!

Craig Carter
Circulation Manager
Tigard Public Library
13500 SW Hall Blvd
Tigard, OR 97223
503 684-6537 X2509
Craigc at tigard-or.gov


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