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I want to bring this to your attention in case you haven't seen Jen's
message. This is good news and I think we would all like to see similar
progress in Oregon.

OLA, OASL, and the ILAGO Board are talking about starting a conversation
with WLMA around their advocacy work with the Bellevue School District.

What else can Oregon library lovers do? Repeat, repeat, repeat this story!

The prevailing narrative around school librarians invites inaction (i.e.,
we've lost them and they aren't coming back).

This is a great opportunity to reclaim and retell our story. As times get
better, OBVIOUSLY Oregon schools will bring back librarians. We want and
expect school librarians, it is a reasonable expectation and we want them
back as soon as possible. Note that this narrative also invites a modern
interpretation of the role of the school librarian.

Something new to add to the elevator conversation. Thanks Jen Maurer for
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 Here's some good news for our neighbors to the north. This is from a
1/9/14 *School Library Journal* article, http://www.slj.com/2014/01/schools/

Washington State’s Bellevue School District (BSD) is seeking to hire two
certified media specialists, to be known as Research Technology
Specialists, by this spring in order to lead the libraries in two of its
secondary schools, and hopes to fully staff at least some of its remaining
secondary schools soon, District Superintendent Dr. Tim Mills confirms.
Depending on what funds can be made available, up to 11 positions in total
could be filled for the 2015–2016 school year, he says. In addition to
direct instruction, the two new hires also will begin working with the
district to create a K–12 information literacy and technology curriculum in
line with the Common Core State Standards...

Advocacy efforts by parents, educators, and the Washington Library Media
Association are credited as a big factor in this decision.


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