[Libs-Or] ALA “extremely disappointed” with net neutrality ruling

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I was asked if I think this is a lost cause.  I don't.  I think that the
network of organizations involved with supporting Net Neutrality, including
ALA, can work with the FCC to get the FCC to correct the errors made.  Here
is the first part of their next steps,
http://act.freepress.net/sign/internet_FCC_court_decision2/?source=conf .

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> http://www.districtdispatch.org/2014/01/ala-extremely-disappointed-net-neutrality-ruling/
> ALA "extremely disappointed" with net neutrality ruling
> Posted on January 14, 2014 by Jazzy Wright
> Today, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Federal
> Communications Commission overstepped its authority by prohibiting Internet
> providers from blocking Internet traffic. Barbara Stripling, president of
> the American Library Association (ALA), released the following statement
> regarding the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruling on *Verizon
> v. FCC*:
> "The American Library Association is extremely disappointed with today's
> decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to strike down the FCC's "Net
> Neutrality" decision. ALA has been a long-time supporter of the free flow
> of information for all people. Now that the Internet has become the primary
> mechanism for delivering information, services and applications to the
> general public, it is especially important that commercial Internet Service
> Providers are not able to control or manipulate the content of these
> communications.
> "The court's decision gives commercial companies the astounding legal
> authority to block Internet traffic, give preferential treatment to certain
> Internet services or applications, and steer users to or away from certain
> web sites based on their own commercial interests. This ruling, if it
> stands, will adversely affect the daily lives of Americans and
> fundamentally change the open nature of the Internet, where uncensored
> access to information has been a hallmark of the communication medium since
> its inception.
> "Public libraries have become leading providers of public Internet access,
> providing service to millions of students, elderly citizens, people seeking
> employment and many others every single day. Approximately 77 million
> people use public library Internet access every year. These users of
> libraries' Internet services, and people all across the country, deserve
> equal access to online information and services.
> "The ability of the Internet to spread and share ideas is only getting
> better. With modern technology, individuals and small groups can produce
> rich audio and video resources that used to be the exclusive domain of
> large companies. We must work to ensure that these resources are not
> relegated to second-class delivery on the Internet - or else the
> intellectual freedoms fostered by the Internet will be seriously
> constrained. ALA will work with policy-makers and explore every avenue
> possible to restore the long-standing principle of nondiscrimination to all
> forms of broadband access to the Internet."
> http://www.districtdispatch.org/2014/01/ala-extremely-disappointed-net-neutrality-ruling/
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