[Libs-Or] This award is amazing

Caleb TUCKER-RAYMOND calebt at multco.us
Tue Jan 28 11:59:36 PST 2014

Being told to abandon your mission to preserve your community's culture and
history, and to deliver your historical collections to a private
organization that will charge your community to use them?

And that's not all, being further instructed to give up an initiative that
promotes reading, and also to stop coordinating intellectual freedom
efforts such as keeping data on challenges to books in your region?

But wait there's more, being instructed to merge your metadata and digital
collections with that of several unrelated organizations, each of which use
very different standards and techniques for managing this information?

And to top it off, your funders imply that all of this will mean you need
fewer staff?

Of course it could be much worse, and for some libraries it is - so maybe
there are more dire situations out there, and hence, better candidates for
Mr. Snicket's award, but I know who I would vote for.

Caleb Tucker-Raymond

Statewide Reference Service Coordinator
Multnomah County Library
(503) 988-5438
calebt at multco.us

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 11:40 AM, Buzzy Nielsen
<buzzy at hoodriverlibrary.org>wrote:

>  I think we need to make sure that an Oregon librarian wins the inaugural
> year of this award. After all, how can you pass it up when one of the
> prizes is "an odd, symbolic object from [Lemony Snicket's] private stash"?
> http://www.idaholibraries.org/lemony-snicket-prize-for-noble-librarians-faced-with-adversity/
> Any nominees?
> Cheers!
> Buzzy
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