[Libs-Or] Leadership opportunities?

Jane Corry janec at multcolib.org
Tue Jan 28 16:20:31 PST 2014

Since 2010 OLA has not had access to a leadership development institute for
future library leaders in Oregon. At OLA's request, we are researching
options for once again providing leadership training *opportunities for the

For those of you who have attended a Leadership Institute, we would
appreciate having your perspective on the value of the training. * What did
you learn that was meaningful at such an institute, and* *how have you
benefited from the leadership training that you attended?*

Your answer to these questions will help us make a recommendation to OLA
regarding how to make leadership training available to OLA members.

Please reply to janec at multco.us with your comments.  We thank you for your

Jane Corry, *Multnomah County Library*

Elaine Hirsch. *Lewis & Clark College*

Pam North, *Sherwood Public Library*

Emily Papagni, *Multnomah County Library*

Jane Corry
Youth Librarian-Belmont Neighborhood Library
Multnomah County Library

"There are two ways to educate the heart: life experience, and stories
about life experience," Jim Trelease
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