[Libs-Or] Lost or damaged books: replacement vs payment

Leah Griffith leah.griffith at newbergoregon.gov
Fri Jul 18 14:50:16 PDT 2014

We're having some discussion at NPL about revising our policy to allow people to replace a lost item with a new copy.   At first glance, it seems like a great idea, we get a new book to put on the shelf to replace the one they lost.  

At second glance the discussion goes to requirements of the condition or age of the replacement copy (like new only), if the item is now outdated (Tax help for 2012, lost then, but the person wants to replace the 2012 in 2014, and really, we don't want it)   and if it is just something that we would not put back on the shelf due to age or another reason.  

But we can't make judgement calls (at least I don't think so) if we'll charge or not, as the action is the same, loss or complete damage of an item so we would pull it from the collection.   As someone said, if you run into my old car and dent it, you are still going to pay me the cost to repair, but I may decide not to repair the car and just use the money to buy gas.  I've still taken the loss on my car as the library has taken the loss on the lost item.

So, would anyone like to share their policy regarding replacing lost or damaged materials, rather than requiring payment for those items.  

Thanks and I'll share the results on the list.  

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