[Libs-Or] Orbis Cascade Alliance communication with EBSCO and Ex Libris about data sharing

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The leadership/management team at Ex Libris seems to not have diversity:


#racist #libraries #diversity #culture #business #Oregon #BlackandBrown
#WhiteSupremacist #OrbisCascade

I don't like companies who are not ethnically diverse and I think Oregon
Tax Payer money should only go to business partners who are ethnically

Max Macias

On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 9:55 AM, John F. Helmer <jhelmer at orbiscascade.org>

> Northwest colleagues,
> You may be aware that the Alliance has been encouraging EBSCO and Ex
> Libris to reach a data sharing agreement that allows EBSCO content to be
> fully represented in Primo.  Although this particular conversation involves
> these two vendors, it is part of a broader principal.  We continue to hold
> that libraries must be able to make independent decisions about content and
> discovery.  All of the content our members purchase must be fully available
> via our chosen discovery system.
> As you will recall, in April EBSCO announced a new metadata sharing
> policy.  Since that time we have been analyzing this proposal and have
> engaged with both vendors. Now the Alliance Board has formally responded.
> In brief the Board's letter to EBSCO and Ex Libris says that we celebrate
> this step in the right direction but that it is not enough.  The letter
> asks for a quick implementation timeline and a roadmap for more.
> See the latest letter and entire dialog at
> https://www.orbiscascade.org/ebsco-ex-libris/
> Best wishes.
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> John F. Helmer
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> Orbis Cascade Alliance
>  jhelmer at orbiscascade.org
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