[Libs-Or] NCES releases "Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2013"

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NCES releases "Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2013"

[2014042]The National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Justice Statistics have jointly released Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2013. The report presents statistics on crime and safety at schools and on college campuses using data collected from students, teachers, principals, and postsecondary institutions, drawing from an array of sources. The report covers topics such as victimization, bullying, school conditions, fights, weapons, the presence of security staff at school, availability and student use of drugs and alcohol, student perceptions of personal safety at school, and criminal incidents at postsecondary institutions.

Key findings from this year's report include:

* In 2012, students ages 12-18 were victims of about 1,364,900 nonfatal victimizations at school, including 615,600 thefts and 749,200 violent victimizations. The victimization rate for these students decreased from 181 victimizations per 1,000 students in 1992 to 52 victimizations per 1,000 students in 2012.

* During the 2011-12 school year, a higher percentage of public than private school teachers reported being threatened with injury (10 vs. 3 percent) or being physically attacked (6 vs. 3 percent) by a student from their school.

* In 2011-12, about 38 percent of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that student misbehavior interfered with their teaching, and 35 percent reported that student tardiness and class cutting interfered with their teaching.

* In 2011, about 28 percent of 12- to 18-year-old students reported having been bullied at school during the school year and 9 percent reported having been cyber-bullied.

* During the 2011-12 school year, 88 percent of public schools reported that they controlled access to school buildings by locking or monitoring doors during school hours, and 64 percent reported that they used security cameras to monitor the school.

* In 2011, there were 30,400 criminal incidents at public and private 2-year and 4-year postsecondary institutions that were reported to police and security agencies, representing a 5 percent decrease from 2010 (31,900) and a 27 percent decrease from 2001 (41,600). However, the number of reported forcible sex crimes on college campuses increased by 52 percent, from 2,200 in 2001 to 3,300 in 2011.

* The number of crimes per 10,000 full-time-equivalent students was lower in 2011 (19.7 per 10,000) than in 2001 (35.6 per 10,000).

* The number of disciplinary referrals for drug law violations reported by public and private 2-year and 4-year postsecondary institutions increased from 20.5 per 10,000 students in 2001 to 33.8 per 10,000 students in 2011. Also, the number of referrals for liquor law violations per 10,000 students was higher in 2011 (128.1) than in 2001 (111.3).

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